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Airo AV Convey: New SEO marketing team for Bolton energy retailer

New SEO marketing team for Bolton energy retailer

Airo AV Convey: New SEO marketing team for Bolton energy retailer

A Bolton based energy comparison retailer has announced a change to its marketing management along with new appointments.

The company is stepping away from the use of a marketing agency for its work in favour of appointing its own, in-house, marketing team.

The local energy comparison retailer, Love Energy Savings, has announced a new SEO manager for the team as well as three other new recruits.

Ben Forshaw has been announced as the new SEO manager, coming from marketing agency Visibilis and will head up the new internal marketing team at the company.

He will be working closely with the chief marketing officer at the company, Phil Windass.

Ben is joining the team with a range of experience in the SEO field, having worked with brands such as Revolution Bars and Better Bathrooms.

Love Energy Savings has also appointed a new conversion rate optimization manager, Ginny Forshaw, in a bid to produce better web results.

A new Digital PR Executive, Eve Crabtree, from Bolton digital agency Bring Digital.

And a content executive Shaun Starr who has joined from Farnworth based Rose Solicitors.

Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Windas, said: “Having a dedicated in-house SEO team will really give us the opportunity to continue growing the Love Energy Savings brand.

“This allows us to do what we do best on an even larger scale: helping the UK save money on their energy bills.

“As a business, we’ve always strived to provide the best possible service to our customers which is just one of the reasons we’re the nations favourite energy comparison site.

“Welcoming four fantastic additions represents the next step in our journey, offering us the chance to increase awareness of our brand and continue helping customers from across the UK.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for us.”


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