Airo AV Suggest: New businesses: Try to surround yourself with the right peo... - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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Airo AV Suggest: New businesses: Try to surround yourself with the right peo…

New businesses: Try to surround yourself with the right peo...

Airo AV Suggest: New businesses: Try to surround yourself with the right peo…


Among the myriad steps to taken when starting a business, it is essential to have the right people around you.
Such individuals can be professionals, friends or family who can provide feedback and information, something three successful women can attest to. 
Cindy Moulton, co-owner and co-founder of Sacred Leaf Wellness, knew there was a need for CBD, or cannabidiol, and found a high-quality source. They opened for business in Rice Village in 2019. 
“Sacred Leaf Wellness Studio is a friend/family-owned business. Together we formulated ideas about the look of our shop, logo, product display — everything related to starting the business,” Mouton said.  
Having a good manager to manage inventory, setting up a point-of-sale system, and tracking sales is also important. 
“Ask friends or relatives who may be looking for a job to find someone you can trust,” Moulton said.  
A bookkeeper/accountant is also essential to maintain proper books and provide reporting so you can track the business’ performance. A small accounting firm can provide such services for a fee. 
“Find a good web developer to create a powerful website, assist with search engine optimization, market your business through social media and seek positive reviews from customers,” Moulton said.
An insurance broker can assist with setting up insurance. 
“Also, ask other business owners for guidance and assistance,” Moulton said. 
Kairy-tate Barkley, owner of French Cuff Boutique, opened her store in Bellaire in 2008. It was a success, leading her to opening three other stores. 
Barkley suggests contacting a business advisor for evaluating your business plan and to help tighten financials. She found her first business advisor through the Small Business Administration. 
“Also, the right commercial real estate agent can help you find the location that best reaches your demographic,” Barkley said. 
In addition, a banker can help you secure funding, understand your long-term goals and the right funding products. 
Shawntell McWilliams, CEO of SM Global Consulting and CEO of Infinity Cleaning Solutions LLC, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion to serve the community. 
McWilliams realized there was a need to create small- and medium-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, social influencers, and philanthropists in order to provide a greater value to the community with a targeted approach. She also formed Infinity Cleaning Solutions to provide top commercial cleaning services. 
“Business mentors who have your best interests in mind are important to bounce ideas off of, as well as offer strategies to stay on track,” McWilliams said.
When starting a business, a CPA or financial professionals can help create a budget, show important forecasts and help with goals. 
“An operations person to handle contracts, paperwork and proposals is also key,” McWilliams said. 
Securing an attorney is recommended when starting a business as well in order to learn key legal aspects of the…


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