Airo Security Announces: Part 2 – Omnichannel Service – SmarterCX - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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Airo Security Announces: Part 2 – Omnichannel Service – SmarterCX

Part 2 – Omnichannel Service – SmarterCX

Airo Security Announces: Part 2 – Omnichannel Service – SmarterCX

In a recent webinar series, Daniel Foppen of Oracle’s CX Service Strategy along with 4 leading service professionals from BISSELL, Pier 1 Imports, Smiths Medical, and Elsevier discuss advanced contact center functionality and how they have future-proofed their respective contact centers.

In part two of this panel discussion, the group covers how best to handle varying customer types, addressing the needs for more modern channels, and incorporating voice of the customer into service strategy.

Read highlights below from the following customer experience experts:

  • Nannette Bromley, Senior IT Project Manager, BISSELL
  • Laurie Simpter, Senior Manager, Customer Relations, Pier 1 Imports
  • Gary Harris, Director Customer Services, Smiths Medical
  • Marc Grant, CX Software Engineering Manager, Elsevier

You can also check out the full panel webinar.

How do you handle the needs and experience of various different customer types?

[Nannette Bromley] BISSELL supports not only our consumer care group, they support our rental team as well as our service centers. A consumer can call the service desk or the consumer desk, and they will have to address the question whether or not, “Can I help a person find a rental center?” Or “Can I help them find a service center?” The consumer desk can try to address those issues. If they can’t address it, then they can transfer that to our rental team or our service center team.

The primary calls come from consumers, but the rental and service teams can receive calls from rental stores as well as the service centers themselves in case they have any issues, such as if they need a part, if they need certain things supported by those specific teams.

The main idea behind this was that we need to be able to support the various business units, provide reporting and capabilities to reduce any efforts outside of a system. A lot of this was done via phone calls and email, and not recorded anywhere. Now the service centers have the visibility of their volume, which they can report on and are able to address everything within Service Cloud.

[Gary Harris] Our customer base is extremely broad. It can range anywhere from a patient using one of our products; their parent calling, asking how to clean a product; or in a tracheotomy case, how to change it. It can be a doctor, a clinician, all the way up to a vice president of procurement in a large distribution center.

In the past, we never really knew who was calling us, or why they were calling us. We weren’t in a CRM environment, so we had no history of any interaction.

The other challenge that it has created is all of those calls come into the same line, and to the same group of CSRs. We almost went into every call blind. Today, we now know, “Is it a patient calling? Is it their parent? Who is it?” We can more tailor our conversation to the customer and their needs, because one call could be how to clean a product, then the next call could be somebody looking to purchase, and that’s a very different type of interaction. But we now know why people are calling as the call is coming through, or the email is coming through, and it makes it a better experience for the customer because we know who they are.

In our world, that’s a big difference. If a mother is calling in because she’s having a problem with the product that her child’s on, that’s a much different interaction than if somebody, a buyer, is calling to just make another purchase. We have that insight, we have that context, and we know who it is before we start talking to them, and it just makes it a more personal interaction.

How have you approached the need for omnichannel service and modern channels like chat and SMS?

[Laurie Simpter] Today’s customers expect to speak with companies via more modern channels. It’s the way we communicate with one another every day and customers are becoming more demanding of having other options versus the traditional just phone and email channels. At Pier 1, we wanted to offer options to our customers and let them choose how they wanted to contact us.

We offer 5 different contact channels: phone, email, chat, messaging, and social media. Phone is still our number 1 volume channel, but chat has taken over and is the number 2 volume channel. Then, a little over a year ago, we added messaging as a new contact channel, and this has been a great option for our customers.

Our customers love to send us pictures. Trying to, over the phone, walk a customer through attaching pictures that they have taken on their phone to an email, was really challenging for us. By adding messaging, that is a much more customer-friendly approach and way that a customer can send us pictures. The nice thing about this is, no matter what channel the customer reaches out to us, it all flows into a singular customer record in Oracle Service Cloud, and we have all of those interactions. It’s really channel-agnostic. We don’t care how our customer reaches us, but we just want to offer all of those options, and have the visibility to those conversations in one single place.

[Nannette Bromley] With our old CRM, BISSELL supported the consumer via email, phone, and social media, as well as with knowledge content on The knowledge to support a consumer was duplicated on both our knowledge system and ecommerce platform, and as you know, the email and phone channels are very costly for a business.

When the solution moved to Oracle Service Cloud, email was integrated and created an incident, thus removing the need to copy and paste in email to record an incident. To provide more opportunities to deflect calls, we have added chat, SMS text messaging, and we recently implemented an Oracle Service Cloud consumer portal. The consumer…

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