Airo Security Reports: An old, new strategy: OOm sees Content the future of digita... - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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Airo Security Reports: An old, new strategy: OOm sees Content the future of digita…

An old, new strategy: OOm sees Content the future of digita...

Airo Security Reports: An old, new strategy: OOm sees Content the future of digita…

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OOm sees Content the future of digital marketing

Good content builds trust with your audience. When we share content that provides value to our readers, they start to trust our brand more.”

— Ian Cheow, CEO and Co-Founder of OOm

SINGAPORE, September 25, 2020 / — It has always been a cliché – and a known fact – in digital marketing that Content is King. Most online marketers today focus on creating engaging contents to entice their audience. These include materials intended for multi-platform posting and sharing to reach more online users.

In Singapore, digital content creation has become popular among small businesses and huge corporations. They firmly believe in its efficiency to market their services and reach their target market. They normally produce interesting online contents to excite their new and old customers.

Moreover, most digital marketing agencies in the region have been using this approach since almost everyone is now digitally inclined and tech-savvy. They adapt to this online trend to effectively reach their target audience through effective content marketing strategies in Singapore.

OOm, a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, recently launched its full-blown content marketing services. Competing against other content marketing agencies, OOm has been producing effective digital contents shared in different marketing platforms today as part of an array of digital marketing solutions they offer for businesses.

True to their promise, OOm offers strategic content marketing services to help boost your digital marketing campaigns:

Copywriting Services – OOm firmly believes that good content captivates your audience and builds trust. As a known copywriting agency in Singapore, they ensure that your business stays competitive with quality contents.

Content Marketing – Once you have high-quality content, OOm markets them effectively on different digital marketing channels. It also helps in retaining your audience with trustful and interesting digital marketing content.

Skyscraper Content – Using effective SEO strategies and techniques to increase your website’s organic traffic, OOm creates long-form blog articles known as Skyscraper. It gives SEO advantage and improves your searchability through exceptional digital content.

Social Media Content – OOm values the popularity of social media platforms in terms of content. They produce suitable and engaging content for your social media networks to make sure that you stay relevant through well-organized social media calendars.

Infographic Content Creation – Infographics are also fun and engaging content marketing tools that will surely increase your website traffic. These are easy-to-share content that can boost your brand awareness and SEO. OOm creates interesting infographics that will appeal to your audience.

Blog Article – Blog articles increase your business’ credibility and revenue. These are the traditional execution of digital marketing content and OOm always assures its clients that they get high-quality copywriting service and lead-generating blog posts.

Why is Content Marketing a big opportunity in Singapore?

Content Marketing, in all its entirety, is not a new strategy. Blogging, creating videos, and publishing informational content has always been around for a long time. But in this day and age of digital marketing, OOm sees content as a must for every brand. Why? Simply because more and more consumers are actively using the Internet to purchase and search for products and services that they need daily. With the help of OOm, an award-winning digital marketing agency, your business can advance among others.

Creating valuable content is essential in targeting consumers. Every time a person has the intention of making a purchase, he is sure to research all platforms to know more about the product or service. This is where your content marketing initiatives will come on. However, publishing content is not just about the numbers; it’s about quality. OOm will help you create and publish good quality content materials as it plays a big role in maintaining a good reputation for your brand.

“Good content builds trust with your audience. When we share content that provides value to our readers, they start to trust our brand more. This creates a positive impact on our brand. Moreover, there is too much content on the Internet now and it is extremely important for us to develop good content to cut through the clutter and stand out.” says Ian Cheow, CEO and Co-Founder of OOm.

Furthermore, content materials such as regular blogging prove the stability of your business – not only to your consumers but also to Google. If you have an updated content or blog page, people will know that you are active and the business is doing well.

Content Marketing strengthens your SEO campaign

If you produce consistent and high-quality content, the better it will be for your SEO. With the right strategy and planning, digital content marketing can increase your website authority and you will get higher rankings on Google. That’s why it’s important to produce content materials that will go hand in hand with your SEO initiatives. Here are some basic strategies that OOm maintains in keeping successful digital marketing campaigns:

Keyword research. OOm makes sure to use relevant and high ranking keywords in your SEO and content campaigns.

Practice keyword optimization. OOm has trained content creators on how to use keywords effectively – where to place them, how often they are mentioned, and how they are used to produce strong digital marketing content.

Organized content. Editorial planning is essential. OOm maps your editorial calendar and plan ahead of time to keep your content organized and your audience on the right track.

Use effective content marketing promotions. Using the right SEO and link building activities, OOm ensures that your content is…


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