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Airo Security Reviews: 50 Best Work-Life Balance Jobs—List of the Careers With a…

50 Best Work-Life Balance Jobs—List of the Careers With a...

Airo Security Reviews: 50 Best Work-Life Balance Jobs—List of the Careers With a…


Thanks to 24/7 email access and work computers that become home computers, finding a job with real work-life balance feels almost impossible in 2019. And in a lot of ways, drawing those boundaries that separate the two falls on our shoulders.

But if you want to pick a job or career that will get you off on the right foot, there are surprisingly a lot of them. Don’t believe us? Here are 50 best work-life balance jobs in various categories.

Best work-life balance jobs:

Best work-life balance jobs in tech:

  1. UX designer. If you’ve got tech skills and a solid sense of design, consider applying for a position as a UX designer.
  2. Data scientist. Are you a stats and data nerd? Try applying for a job as a data scientist. With a median salary for $112,00 a year, you’ll be paid well—and you’ll be able to leave work at work.
  3. Mobile developer. Have you always dreamed of creating an app? Try applying for a job as a mobile developer.
  4.  Social media manager. If you have a knack for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., a position as a social media manager may just be perfect for you.
  5. DevOps engineer. It’s no secret that engineers are in high demand and make a good salary, but it turns out they have great work-life balance, too.
  6. Research engineer. If you’re great at interpreting and analyzing research and have engineering skills, look into a position as a research engineer.
  7. SEO manager. Haven’t heard of search engine optimization? This probably isn’t the job for you. But if keywords and work-life balance are both of interest to you, consider a job as an SEO manager.
  8. UI designer. UI stands for “user interface,” and UI designers are responsible for making sure mobile devices, computers, and more have a positive user experience.
  9. Technical account manager. Technical account managers provide high-level tech support to teams and customers. If your tech skills are top-notch and you crave a good work-life balance, this may just be the job for you.
  10. Front end developer. If design and technology are both your strong suits, front end web development will be, too. And as a nice bonus, you can say goodbye to after-work email checks.
  11. Game designer. The masterminds behind some of your favorite iPhone and video games have great work-life balance, too. Why not become one of them?

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Best work-life balance jobs in communications:

  1. Corporate recruiter. Corporate recruiters are responsible for finding talented people to fill positions at large and small companies—and they have a pretty good sense of balance, too.
  2. Talent acquisition specialist. Talent acquisition specialists are experts at both assessing and analyzing the staffing needs of a company and finding good talent.
  3. HR manager. If your whole job is to help out employees, having a good work-life balance is pretty much your job.
  4. Strategy manager. This job requires fewer people skills, but it does require an ability to think long and hard about all the elements a company needs to succeed and grow.
  5. Creative manager. Calling all creative types! Advertising and promotions managers are skilled in finding smart ways to generate interest in a product or company.
  6. Marketing coordinator. Marketing coordinators have a knack for what sells and develop, implement, and coordinate marketing and advertising campaigns.
  7. Marketing assistant. Not at coordinator level just yet? Marketing assistant jobs have solid work-life balance, too.
  8. Content manager. Ever wonder who does all the writing, editing, and uploading of content to some of your favorite websites? Those people are called content managers, and their work-life balance is solid.
  9. Scrum master. A scrum master manages the process for how information is exchanged and helps a team self-organize and make changes quickly.
  10. Real estate agent. Although real estate jobs can be demanding, most real estate agents are self-employed, meaning they can create their own schedule. The result? All the work-life balance they want.
  11. Tour guide. Got a lot of knowledge about your hometown or city and some great people skills? Hours are flexible for tour guides, making for great work-life balance.
  12. Project manager. Regardless of what field you start in, you can eventually rise to the role of a project manager, who makes sure teams stay organized and complete projects in a timely manner. Project managers usually have the option to work from home and have predictable, reasonable hours.

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Best work-life balance service jobs:

  1. Substitute teacher. The hours may be unpredictable, but substitute teachers have a great sense of work-life balance.
  2. Hairdresser. Hairdressers don’t always have a typical Monday through Friday schedule, but they do have set hours and don’t bring their work home with them.
  3. Dental hygienist. Cleaning teeth for a living may not be the most glamorous job, but you’ll be able to leave it behind as soon as you walk out the door of your office.
  4. Civil engineer. Engineering jobs don’t just have to be mean software—civil engineers deal with design, construction and maintenance of bridges, roads, canals and more.
  5. Fitness instructor. Although you may have to work nights and weekends as a fitness instructor, it will give you a lot of flexibility. As a nice bonus, you’ll probably get a free gym membership and built-in workouts out of it.
  6. Office support. Whether it’s a secretarial job or office manager, most office support jobs have good work-life balance.
  7. Logistician. Although occasional overtime work is required of logisticians—who handle the oversight of bringing products and services to a customer—for the most part, the work-life balance offered is great.
  8. Research technician. Research technicians are experts in lab equipment. They set it up, operate it, and maintain it. No, it’s not the job for everyone—but if you have these skills and want…

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