Airo Security Writes: Working Smarter. Faster. Together. | Comstock's magazine - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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Airo Security Writes: Working Smarter. Faster. Together. | Comstock’s magazine

Working Smarter. Faster. Together. | Comstock's magazine

Airo Security Writes: Working Smarter. Faster. Together. | Comstock’s magazine

Launched in 2010 by partners John Joyner and William O’Donnell,
Project 2 is celebrating 10 years of successfully serving clients
throughout many industries both private and public, and is
now celebrating five years of working in the mental health sector
with the State of California Regional Centers system to assist
service coordinators with their ever-increasing workloads.
Specialists in business process and application development, this
Stockton-based company has strategically honed its focus over the
years to become one of the most innovative providers of custom
application design and development.

“Project 2 is a great organization to work with. Not only does
Project 2 provide support and development to make the world
better through technology, they are kind and wonderful
people to work with,” Angelique Shear, MPA, Project
Manager & Children’s Program Manager Valley Mountain Regional

“We offer business process simplification, enhancement
and design,” says Joyner, partner and principal business
strategist. “We work closely with clients to understand their
business processes, diagram those processes, then calculate which
steps we can eliminate and make recommendations to streamline the
process. Once a client approves our changes, we develop software
that enables that client to maintain governance over their new
process. The end goal is to help our clients operate more
efficiently and optimally, especially during this pandemic.”

In its earlier years, Project 2 designed websites, provided
search engine optimization, .NET and application development, but
now the company focuses on streamlining clients’ business
processes and building custom software applications to fit
their specific needs. “We are a 100-percent USA-based development
team in your time zone and are proficient in multiple platforms.
Our competencies also include Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft
365, Amazon Web Services and other cloud-based solutions, and can
greatly benefit any business with 50 or more employees,” says
O’Donnell, partner and chief technology strategist. “We are
not locked into any one particular solution and that allows us to
be nimble and adapt to our clients’ needs.”

Project 2’s Discovery process, the degree to which it works
to understand clients’ needs, sets the company apart.
Making recommended process improvements visual helps clients
comprehend advantages. “Among multiple benefits
of streamlining processes, our solutions make it easier for
adoption among new employees or those learning the
system and give clients an auditable solution that they can
use for verification. Our Discovery provides a clear roadmap to
success for our clients,” notes O’Donnell.

Project 2 has found a niche market in the mental health sector
and is currently providing solutions for Valley Mountain Regional
Center in Stockton, one of California’s 21 Regional Centers under
the Department of Developmental Services. It is currently in
discussions with additional Regional Centers regarding their
solutions. “Our software has been saving service coordinators one
or more hours on paperwork for each of their cases, time
that can now be spent with those special- needs clients. We’ve
also taken proactive steps the moment the COVID-19 pandemic hit
to incorporate new tools for tracking time and cost directly into
our applications — something we know is important to our Regional
Center partners,” says Joyner.

Project 2 developed two solutions from the ground up, its Atticus
Case Management system and Early Start Evaluation Scheduler, aka
ESES, that are greatly useful to the Regional Centers. The
company’s goal is to implement the software in all 21 Regional
Centers statewide. “In creating these tools, we worked
intensively with actual service coordinators, senior service
coordinators and program managers with the Regional Center in
Stockton, so they weren’t developed in a vacuum but with actual
input from users in the field adhering to current state
regulations,” says Joyner.

Project 2 is striving to be heavily invested in California’s
mental health sector and growing outside of the state as well
within the next 18 months. “Our hearts and souls are in
this, and we’ve found our calling,” says Joyner. “We want our
tools to touch every mental health institution in California and
beyond, to put time back into the day of the service coordinators
so they can spend that time where it’s most important — with
their clients.”

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