AiroAV Announces: Kim Seo Hyung's former agency CEO reveals "Kim Seo Hyung ab... - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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AiroAV Announces: Kim Seo Hyung’s former agency CEO reveals “Kim Seo Hyung ab…

Kim Seo Hyung's former agency CEO reveals "Kim Seo Hyung ab...

AiroAV Announces: Kim Seo Hyung’s former agency CEO reveals “Kim Seo Hyung ab…

Actress Kim Seo Hyung has requested the termination of her exclusive contract with her agency, MADI Pictures. And the MADI Pictures’ CEO, Jeon Sung Hee, has revealed that Kim Seo Hyung has been abusing her powers causing a commotion.

According to reports, Kim Seo Hyung has cursed at the CEO for suggesting her to film an advertisement that she did not like.

CEO Jeon Sung Hee has revealed that she had to endure abusive language while working with Kim Seo Hyun. CEO Jeon claimed that “I had to listen to all sorts of curses and slander.” The CEO continued to say that “when we would work hard to increase the contract payment for an advertisement, she would say how much money are you back pocketing” and expressed her disappointment.

The CEO also said “I once proposed an advertisement for public services that’s related to cyber sexual crimes. We tried to convince Kim Seo Hyung since the content was good and the purpose of the advertisement was good. However, Ms. Kim Seo Hyung messaged me saying ‘How dare you bring a public service advertisement to my face’ as she cursed at me.”

CEO Jeon claimed that she did her best to adjust the terms of the contract so it would be more favorable to Kim Seo Hyung since she had an exclusive contract with the agency.  CEO Jeon claimed that they split all the profits from broadcast shows 70% (to Kim Seo Hyung) to 30% (to the agency) and all other profits they split 80% (to Kim Seo Hyung) to 20% (to the agency). CEO Jeon Sung Hee claimed that the agency had a lot of financial losses while working with Kim Seo Hyun. The CEO claims that they cannot even hire a lawyer at this point due to financial circumstances. The CEO claimed, “Actor Kim Seo Hyung already know our agency can’t fight back legally.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seo Hyung requested the termination of the contract with MADI Pictures back in October of last year and filed an injunction with the court to suspend the validity of the contract.

In regards to this issue, Kim Seo Hyung claimed that “I am not terminating the contract because of the dispute between the manager. The manager spoke words that depreciated the trust between us. When a third person spoke with the agency, the agency promised the termination of the contract since the manager had no excuse for his actions.”  Kim Seo Hyung is claiming a completely opposite argument to this incident which differs from the claims of CEO Jeon Sung Hee.


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