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AiroAV Antivirus Claims: Lawyer Website Design – Digital PR Web Expert Rene Perras E…

AiroAV Antivirus Claims: Lawyer Website Design – Digital PR Web Expert Rene Perras E…

West Palm Beach, FL, Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Looking back over the last 9 years it has become clear that the legal community’s paradigm has been impacted by technological advancements along with being changed forever as a result of the pandemic. The evolution of the semantic web with semantic markup and schema architecture, meeting up with the Internet of things (IOT) or the web of things (WOT) begs the question; has anything changed when it comes to usability of law firm web design? Terms like user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are what legal web designers are communicating to managing partners of top national law firms. However, getting to that sweet spot where conversion happens and revenue is generated is a more difficult nut to crack, it requires science. 

Law Firm Equity

Every law firm looking for a customizable law firm website solution should be very conservative when trying to improve their current website. Valuable equity needs to be protected, by conserving existing website pages and their individual urls along with its respective content, this approach will be integral to preserving website equity. 

Law firm Imagery

Everyone is familiar with the phrase, that a picture is worth a thousand words. Does it take beautiful imagery in attorney website designs to convert prospects?  Do they need to be pleasing to the eye? In America, more often we are accustomed to selling the sizzle rather than the steak, appealing to our senses is what we are accustomed to. The belief that law firm imagery works, can be legitimate in some cases, but is surprisingly insufficient for most attorney websites. Law firm websites typically focus more on promoting the firm and their attorneys rather than on the future client’s pain points and how those can be addressed. Which can result in future clients not being driven to take action either by calling or filling out an online web form. Do you know what motivates your preferred client or ideal Avatar?

Law Firm Legal Technology

We live in a commodity driven culture where we believe that we can synthesize and understand complex problems. Law firm websites to the untrained eye appear to be simple to comprehend, websites can be seen, read and navigated, but the reality is they are a far more complex equation. They are built around one or more computer coding languages, either from an individual developer or by a community driven system of coders. Whether you have a custom or a template platform, the guts of your attorney website remains the engine that makes the vehicle go. It is based on 100’s of variables all working in unison, but without gas or SEO juice it will not get very far, this is what escapes the majority of lawyers as they have neither the training or desire to understand the critical technology behind all successful revenue generating websites. 

Law firm Website Engineering

Law firm website engineering and its technology can be more complex than being a computer engineer. The website engineer has to continuously adapt to an ever changing landscape and its search engine algorithms. It requires very important skill sets to assess whether your website has the proper elements woven into the structure that will be your primer for success. Everything from the important on-page factors or SEO framework, to off-page factors or important links that endorse your web property, these and many other variables will determine your potential to succeed in an ocean of competing lawyer websites. 

Understanding Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT)

With nearly 30 years experience in marketing, designing, building and launching web platforms it has become clear that you cannot succeed without understanding EAT and how it has the ability to amplify your brand:

  1.   Expertise
  2.   Authority
  3.   Trust

These three factors if properly developed are by far the most critical components in branding both from a search engine perspective as well as how you are perceived by your audience. There is an important synergy that exists between both aspects. They will remain the primary reason why you become successful with each new and subsequent modification to your digital website asset which will continue to generate future clients for years to come.

Attorney Website Development 

Attorney website development requires an understanding of technology and all its’ nuances, otherwise it will hinder your ability to make an informed decision. Where most attorneys go wrong is by looking at and then comparing themselves to their law firm competitor’s websites. There is no way for lawyers to know how their competition’s law firm website is working or not working simply by browsing the site, whether their modifications are taking advantage of continued growth or the website isn’t working and that’s the reason for the switch. This is the only metric for them, observing how their attorney peers continue to change, evolve and adapt, without any context can be problematic. Lawyers perceive their competition’s change as an improvement and their own website as stagnating, which confirms their conclusion that an upgrade is needed for it to work. This hypothesis is flawed, but it’s their perception that rules the day. Attorneys receive a call from one of the hundreds of web developers with their multitude of technologies and ideas. They hear the attorneys’ dissatisfaction, fear and concern about spending more money to improve their digital asset, which for the law firm has become a bottomless personal money pit, in need of a continuous influx of cash. Web developers empathize, are understanding, and attempt to assuage their fears. You hope their solution will be your anxiety fix. Law firm web designers who are inexperienced will hope to reassure the lawyer that theirs is the preferred solution, like the many previous web developers that have come before them. Could it be that simple, or is it the definition of insanity repeating the same thing over again thinking this…

AiroAV Antivirus

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