AiroAV Antivirus Publishes: How to Optimize your Images for Mobile SEO? - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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AiroAV Antivirus Publishes: How to Optimize your Images for Mobile SEO?


AiroAV Antivirus Publishes: How to Optimize your Images for Mobile SEO?

If you are wondering that your website can do well without images, then you are wrong in this concept. You must know that all across the virtual globe, you will not see a single site or page on the top ranks that are published without an image. Now, this three-minute essay we are going to tell you all about the importance of images and how you can optimize them for Mobile SEO! You should know that search engine optimization in terms of mobiles is very much important these days.

Search engine optimization specifically for mobiles or smartphones is very much important just because of the reason that today people prefer using smart devices for web surfing. According to recent reports by Google and other search engines, more than 60% of the traffic on their interfaces come through smartphones, and in this percentage, the majority of traffic comes through android users. Now that you know that as a website owner you have to specifically focus on the mobile users, you must focus on the points that we have discussed below for you guys that are related to image optimization!

It is religiously important that you use the right images on your website no matter what. If you want to crawl to the top-ranking positions, then you should simply know that you cannot do it without proper image search.

You must find images that are the best relative and compatible with the textual content that you are having on your website. Now how can you add images that are best relative to your website content?

Well, the answer is quite simple; you need to use the image search tools. The reverse image search by third-party tools can help you a lot in finding the best images for your content. You should know that the search by image or image finder tool by searchenginereports is one of the reliable online tools for this purpose!

You can easily find out the right images with this image search engine within less than seconds. You just must enter the proper input to get the most attractive images!

Adding images is one thing but customizing it with the aesthetics of your page is more important and useful if you want to get a good SEO score and want to rank your page on the top shelves. Below we have mentioned some of the most useful points that will make sure that you optimize your image in the best possible way!

  • The first thing that you need to know is that you have to select and add the right name and title for your image, experts suggest that you use a proper keyword in the caption or name so that the search engine can rank it in good books!
  • You must always make sure that you are using the right format, the right format in the sense that it is compatible with mobile phones. There are many image formats that cannot work properly and display on different smartphone devices, so you have to make sure that you use the right one!
  • Scaling is very much important, especially if you are striving for mobile SEO. If you want mobile users or traffic coming on your website or page to enjoy the information along with the aesthetics, then you should simply use the right scaling! Scaling is actually the size and the resolution of the image that you have to select on the basis of your text and space!
  • Now when talking about mobile SEO, web experts always recommend that you use the images that are best responsive to the users. You should know that images should always have the secret attribute in them; you should use the images that respond to the screen size of the device.
  • Now another critical point in the mobile SEO of images is that you should reduce the image size and shape. We want our readers to know that scaling is essential, but it cannot compress the size of the image. The more the image will be more prominent in size, the more it will require loading time, so make sure that you compress and reduce the size of the image!

Add structured image data!

You should know that structured image data is very much necessary. It should be known to you that Google and other search engines support structured data for the following content types.

You should know that Google has several guidelines relative to image structured data so if you want to excel in the SEO position concerning mobile phones then you should simply make sure that you follow the guidelines and use the best image search tools available online to get the best once!


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