AiroAV Antivirus Suggest: ConsultTogether founder Tom Helmy talks about the importanc... - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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AiroAV Antivirus Suggest: ConsultTogether founder Tom Helmy talks about the importanc…

ConsultTogether founder Tom Helmy talks about the importanc...

AiroAV Antivirus Suggest: ConsultTogether founder Tom Helmy talks about the importanc…

Tom Helmy is the founder of digital marketing agency ConsultTogether, which is based in Orange County, California. After some difficult personal history, Tom understands the importance of honesty in any relationship, and he’s taken this lesson to his business, ensuring total transparency with his clients. ConsultTogether specialize in a range of digital marketing services, especially social media-based initiatives, where they use traditional SEO techniques to improve their client’s long-term performance.

Tom was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

Tom, what personal event motivated you to start ConsultTogether and why are transparency and honesty core parts of your business model?

I was in a relationship with someone who I invested both time and love in. However, that person slowly began to behave dishonestly and lie about where they were, which eventually led to them being unfaithful. Anyone who has been cheated on in a relationship would understand that it’s one of the most horrible feelings in the world. It can seriously derail your sense of self-worth.

For a while, I was lost. I was so hurt from the experience that I didn’t know what to do with myself. Eventually, I realized that I needed to do something productive, so I started ConsultTogether. The betrayal I suffered in my personal life has hardened me against dishonest people, and this has been positive for my business as my clients can always expect total honesty from me.

For many clients, they say that our honesty is a breath of fresh air for them after they’ve work with consultants who lied to them in the past. Honesty is so important in digital marketing if firms want businesses to have any trust in us.

How useful is social media really for digital marketing?

This question is subjective. More traditional marketers will say that the old ways are the best ways. However, this would be to deny the amount of evidence showcasing how valuable social media can be (when used effectively). For digital marketers, the value of social media is maximized when search engine optimization techniques are used. Whether it be Facebook shares or Instagram posts, it is very important that your brand is engaging with your target market. And this means you need to using keyword phrases that your target niche use consistently. Thankfully, this is something that we can help you with, since our core team are well-versed in SEO strategies and social media engagement.

For you, what are a few major SEO blunders made by marketers?

In my experience as a marketer, I have seen many SEO blunders, many of which are consistently made. For me, the cardinal sin of all SEO mistakes comes back to irrelevant content. Whether you’re performing a website audit or updating content for landing pages/backlinking, the content simply must be relevant. Engaging content is better, however, it’s far more important that it’s relevant. If the content has nothing to do with what you are selling or providing, then customers will see through you and simply ignore your brand.

Another mistake I see made by both marketers and clients is impatience. SEO isn’t a quick fix. It’s not like a national advertising campaign where the results are made obvious shortly after each advertisement is televised. SEO takes time because it’s naturally a slower process. It’s a lot more affordable than a nationally syndicated program as well, so if you’re budget is tight, stick to SEO for the time being. With an SEO campaign, you can’t expect to see massive results until a few months in, so don’t be alarmed if your website rankings haven’t shot through the roof after a few weeks.

What’s next for ConsultTogether?

Well, right now we are focused on helping our clients survive the Covid-19 pandemic. Social media has only grown in importance because of the coronavirus, since many customers are unable to leave their homes because of lockdown or social distancing measures. As a result, social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have grown in popularity, particularly as a tool for helping businesses connect with customers stuck in lockdown. This will hopefully minimize the economic damage of the ongoing crisis, since customers can still make purchases from their favorite local businesses, sometimes through social media channels.

Thank you Tom for your time!
You can follow up with Tom Helmy at


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