AiroAV Malware Imply: Brandless is getting a second chance - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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AiroAV Malware Imply: Brandless is getting a second chance

Brandless is getting a second chance

AiroAV Malware Imply: Brandless is getting a second chance

SEO National has worked with NBA teams, subscription company Spoonful of Comfort and more on search optimization strategy, and helping to develop high-converting websites and SEO strategies that help companies maintain top search engine rankings.

Damon Burton, president of SEO National, said he believes in the Brandless concept. Brandless first made waves by garnering $240 million from investors upon its launch. “They found historical recognition by offering the benefits of brand-free products while simultaneously creating one of the most effective brands in e-commerce,” he said. “This was unheard of in the industry, and it spurred a sensation.”

The company shuttered under SoftBank Group Corp.’s Vision Fund as SoftBank Group struggled with other investments such as Uber and WeWork. The closing came after the DTC, own brand company was exploring a strategy to roll out about 10,000 of its eco-friendly personal care, vitamins and health-focused foods onto brick-and-mortar shelves. The plan was to have products on shelves in 2020, as well as expand into CBD products.

No word if the relaunch revisits this strategy but Burton will look to continue its online engagement strategy. 

“They have built enviable followings on every social media channel — YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest. They get people talking about hot button issues like non-GMOs, gluten-free and food allergies and tap into parenting blogger communities,” said Burton. “They build emotional bonds with their followers and turn them into evangelists for their message.”

Burton has recently published an SEO book, “Outrank,” and his firm is committed to growing Brandless online, per the company. “The potential here is endless,” he said. “They’ve tapped into the needs and ideals of today’s consumers, and we’re excited to help extend their products to even more homes.” 

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