AiroAV Malware Publishes: SEO Analyst job with Creative Circle - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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AiroAV Malware Publishes: SEO Analyst job with Creative Circle

SEO Analyst job with Creative Circle

AiroAV Malware Publishes: SEO Analyst job with Creative Circle

Our client, a nationwide company in the healthcare services industry, is looking to staff up their SEO department in NYC and needs to make multiple hires before the end of the year!

Enterprise level SEO experience is required because they optimize millions of key words for ~15 domains.

At least 2 years of data-driven experience is required for the SEO Analyst role because the Analyst will run point on end-to-end brand research initiatives with a focus on areas such as website workflows, transactional systems, and marketing operations metrics.

An ability to iterate quickly using data is key to success in the marketplace and to achieving the goal to increase the volume of traffic and leads that contribute to revenue.

SEO Analyst Key Responsibilities

* Analyze current business performance to build descriptive and predictive models to optimize marketing campaigns for improved traffic and revenue return. For example, a model on the impact of various A/B testing campaigns and their result on conversion.

* Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement in conversions along the customer journey, and at all touchpoints using internal funnel metrics data.

* Manage strategy development and decision-making through holistic data analytics and actionable recommendations, including supporting key business initiatives by generating insights from multiple site and social data sources, collaborating with business, product and other teams on ad-hoc reporting and in-depth analyses to support product enhancements, launches, company initiatives and other needs as they arise, implementation with engineers to validate website/app tracking and A/B and UX testing programs, and support SEO in reporting, analyses, strategy and technical recommendations.

* Identify and drive the delivery of changes in data structures and metrics where needed to further support enhanced marketing analysis to drive more revenue and EBITDA.

* Develop API connections to common toolsets to aid in team efficiency Leverage current APIs and automation SQL from complex data sets, with the ability to write code utilizing knowledge of PHP, Python and other back-end language in order to enhance current API’s that are not designed for enterprise websites to capture better data for SEO reporting and build out better visualizations for tools, reports, and dashboards.

SEO Analyst Qualifications

* B.S. Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics or Economics is required.

* MBA or an advanced degree is preferred.

* Knowledge of SQL required

* Have a background of SEO and supporting an SEO team.

* Experience with server-side programming languages required: PHP and/or Python preferred.

* Experience with REST APIs and authentication processes.

* Proven and successful experience, with demonstrated increasing levels of consulting and corporate responsibility.

* Exceptional analytical and problem solving capabilities, including the ability to logically and efficiently structure ambiguous problems, identify sources of data, conduct complicated analyses, identify key insights and recommend actions.

* Skilled at information collection and discovery; demonstrated ability to develop practical, workable solutions. Skilled at learning and applying new technology tools.

* Highly collaborative: Able to work across functions, geographies, and organizational levels to develop solutions; engages and involves key stakeholders.

* Effective communicator: Clearly communicate needs, results, and recommendations to a non-technical audience.

* Deep knowledge of ecommerce, online marketing, and mobile trends.


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