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AiroAV Publishes: Tips to improve the SEO visibility of your website – Latest…

SEO mistakes you should avoid for your site in 2021 – Lates...

AiroAV Publishes: Tips to improve the SEO visibility of your website – Latest…

SEO visibility is a concept that helps websites and the firms behind them understand how visible they are in organic search engine results when users query. Data like this helps to analyze problems and identify optimization opportunities, however, also developing visibility is a topic that helps precisely to be more visible in the SERPs. This time we will focus on the latter to see what can be done to improve this task with the website of a brand or company.

To improve the SEO visibility of your website, these are some of the recommendations that can be considered from now on:

Use LSI keywords

As a first recommendation to improve SEO visibility, you should know that there are keywords known as LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing, due to their translation into Spanish. As shared by 60 Second Marketer, LSI is considered a mathematical method that increases the ability of an algorithm to identify the hidden latent relationship between words to understand their meaning and improves indexing.

This way of working is useful because Google no longer only takes a keyword to consider positioning. Over time, he has developed complex algorithms that use the latest natural language processing techniques, mixed with Big data and machine learning concepts.

By using LSI keywords, Google will be able to better understand the meaning of your page and rank it for your chosen keypwords, but not just one, but thousands of variations of it.

Focus on creating content that satisfies the user’s intention

Google’s changes over time have allowed it to get to the point where it is already focusing more on topic searches or conversations. These changes came thanks to the shifting trend toward user intent, focusing on what searchers really want, rather than on what search engines think they want.

This implies that search engines have left the old norms behind to finally focus on what they were supposed to do in the first place: providing search results based on what users really want when they query. Therefore, the recommendation is to focus on the content thinking about the search intention of the users.

In addition to the above, it is important that the contents be precise and concise, maintaining originality and outstanding quality.

Get more out of SERP space

Finally, the Backlinko firm shares that it is advisable to expand in the SERPs and the space that is here. Based on your total, moving through search engine rankings is not the only way to improve SEO visibility.

The general idea with this recommendation is to expand the snippet or fragment. It is also ideal to rank the properties in multiple spaces, for example, in the SERPS there are results that immediately below show other links called sitelinks.

This helps the result take up more space which can lead to more clicks.

The easiest way to get these sitelinks is by adding a content table at the top of the page.

Another way to develop this recommendation is by working with featured snippets, also known as the “0” position on search result pages.


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