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Ceat Unveils New Website for Specialty Tires

Ceat Unveils New Website for Specialty Tires

Ceat has set up a new website for specialty tires. The new website, www.ceatspecialtytires.com, has been designed with a view to facilitate easy browsing and SEO (search engine optimization) and ease-of-use. Commenting on the new website, Tarang Srivastava, general manager of CEAT Specialty Tires said that it helps visitors to easily find the tire that suits their requirements and is very easy to use as they can search for tires by category or application. The website has been optimized for ease of use on both desktop computers and smartphones.

The website focuses chiefly on agricultural tires and its most notable features are as follows:

* The website has a clean and simple layout and interface with the capability to handle users from a wide range of digital exposure and age groups. This is particularly important as the company’s primary audience comprises farmers and tire dealers.

* The site’s enhanced “find your tire” capabilities make it a lot easier and quicker to find just the right tires.

* Distributors would love the distributor registration process, which makes registering as a distributor very easy with an online process that comprises verification, approval, account creation and password generation.

The website has been built on WordPress, a content management system that is known to be highly SEO-friendly and can be accessed through all modern browsers, computers, tablets and mobile devices.

CEAT (Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino Ltd.) Specialty Tires Inc., is a subsidiary of Ceat Tyres which specializes in the manufacture and sale of agricultural, OTR, construction equipment, mining and industrial tires. The company is part of the Indian corporation, RPG Group.

CEAT had expanded into the US market in 2017 by opening an office in Charlotte and is focusing on expanding its presence in this market. The company had not expected to make much impact in this highly competitive market as it was a new entrant but found that many customers were willing to try its tires thanks to their attractive price points and high level of quality which is backed by a warranty.

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