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How Much Should You Pay for SEO Content?

How Much Should You Pay for SEO Content?

“How much do you charge?”

As an SEO content writer that works primarily with SEO agencies, I am used to getting this question. And no matter my answer, the responses always remind me a bit of the Goldilocks story…

“That price is too cheap.”

“That price is too high.”

“That price is just right.”

It’s typically a toss up – which often makes me question whether we all know the true value of great SEO content, or whether I’m simply charging too much.

To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to propose the question, “How much do you pay for great SEO content?’ to a 40,000+ member SEO Facebook group.

The answers, as I had expected, were all across the board.

Mixed Opinions: What Is ‘Great’ SEO Content?

The first thing I noticed is that the responders were in disagreement about what was considered “great” SEO content.

While some highlighted the need for “a fully optimized kick-ass piece of content”, others hailed the simplicity of “spun” content that was then optimized by the SEO people themselves.

Some SEO folks expected the content to be publish-ready while others were OK with content that required editing and optimization.

These mixed opinions spurred a rather heated debate over whether SEO pros were overpaying or underpaying for content.

Some were less forgiving about the idea of, say, a $10 blog post…

Facebook comment from SEO Signals Lab

But, ultimately, most responders were in agreement that the end product was what matters.

Great SEO content is content that is written with the user in mind and is thoroughly optimized for search engines. Where someone sources that content, however, depends on a few factors.

Where to Find Great SEO Content Writers

Many SEO pros get to a point where they realize that, from an ROI perspective, writing SEO content themselves is not the best use of their time.

At that point, they are faced with the decision of whether to outsource content or hire a writer in-house.

When one goes the outsourcing route, it can be difficult to know where to look.

Is Fiverr a good option? Facebook groups? College students? Retirees?

The options are nearly endless.

Many Options, Different Prices

Unfortunately, not all writers are created equal.

Many responders complained about the issues of hiring writers from platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, sourcing content from non-English-speaking countries or hiring industry experts who don’t have a writing background.

Some of the top sources listed for finding great SEO writers included:

  • Niche Facebook groups
  • LinkedIn
  • College job boards
  • Referrals (within your network)
  • Content agencies

Even so, all of these sources post widely different rates depending on the:

  • Amount of content.
  • Type of content.
  • Experience of the writer.
  • Level of optimization required.

And a variety of other factors.

Some responders mentioned rates as low as $.02 per word and some as high as $2 per word.

Does the Market Set the Rate?

So, why the wide range in pricing?

Well, it could be said that the market sets the rate.

As the demand for great SEO content goes up, writers who know their value are inclined to charge more – rates that many agencies and companies are willing to pay.

At the same time, writers with the ability to churn out a high volume of content can create a lucrative business for themselves providing low-cost content to agencies.

Quality vs. Quantity – Is It Either/Or?

The variety, therefore, stems from the contrast between quality and quantity.

Some writers are competing on quality, so they charge what agencies are willing to pay. Others are competitive on price, and see the value in turning out more content at a lower rate than their competitors.

While many responders mentioned finding that sweet spot of a low-cost, high-quality writer, some warned that these writers tend not to stay cheap for long.

Once they realize what their competitors are charging (and see how much of an ROI they generate for their clients), they up their prices.

The Cost of Great SEO Content – Depends on the Goal

Therefore, many SEO pros came to the conclusion that what they (and others) are willing to pay should come down to the results they are hoping to generate from that content.

They were willing to invest less money on content that served a primary purpose of either attracting links or gaining the attention of search engines because it was more difficult to assign a monetary value to those gains.

Basically, why invest $$$ in content if you don’t intend to make money off of it.

Content for a Clear ROI

Others, however, reminded people that traffic or links are rarely the end goal of SEO content. Most websites hope to generate leads and sales.

Therefore, if even 1 conversion through a piece of content was enough to offset the cost of the content, what was worth it in their eyes? $2,000 in sales for a $150 blog post?A no-brainer.

All that being said, some SEO professionals are willing to settle with OK content knowing that they will need to edit and optimize it themselves. If not a huge inconvenience, perhaps this is worth it.

My question is, though:

Is the cost of one’s own labor more or less than how much it would cost to hire a skilled writer to begin with?

No one was able to answer this question.

SEO Pros Answer: ‘How Much Do You Pay for SEO Content?’

  • $100-$125 for 600-750 words.
  • $40 for 500 words.
  • $5-$10 per article.
  • $.10-$.20 per word.
  • $35 per article.
  • $.02 per word.
  • $4 per 100 words.

These were just some of the many responses I received to my question, “How much do you pay for great SEO content?” The answers ranged from $.02 per word to $2 per word.

Screenshot of comments in SEO Signal Lab Facebook group

Unfortunately, there was no clear majority answer to this question.

Members of SEO Signals Lab Facebook group discussing cost of SEO content.

Some SEO pros insisted that there was no use in paying top dollar for SEO content, while others insisted that a high-quality SEO writer was worth their weight in gold.

Even some writers chimed in to share how much they charge – or how much they think other writers should charge.

Now, one could draw the conclusion that the real answer to this question (like most questions in the SEO space) is, “It depends.”

This may be true,…

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