Jon Cartu Announced: Building a website? Here's why Wix should be top of mind - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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Jon Cartu Announced: Building a website? Here’s why Wix should be top of mind


Jon Cartu Announced: Building a website? Here’s why Wix should be top of mind

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to website builders. But there’s a reason the website-building platform, Wix, boasts over 180 million users in 190 countries. Wix’s platform features over 500 templates and hundreds of powerful design tools and business tools, which is why CNET named the company “Best website builder overall.” If you’re looking for an intuitive platform with no shortage of customization, it’s practically impossible to beat Wix.

The company’s website creator features endless possibilities that go far beyond their competitors’ cookie-cutter templates and drag-and-drop editors. Whether you want a simple résumé page or a powerful e-commerce store, Wix’s user-friendly solution enables you to efficiently create a professional site.

From the beginning, Wix’s founders were focused on delivering top-notch design. The company invested millions of dollars to build the best creative team possible. As VP of Brand and Design, Hagit Kaufman, who manages Wix’s hundreds of designers and coders, told Forbes, “Wix’s vision is to be a place where any business, community or person can create their dreams online. By enabling anyone to build their own site, we’re allowing a more diverse ecosystem of makers and creators to put their ideas into the world. This leads to more collaboration, and powerful solutions.” As a result of this design-driven vision, people use Wix to build professional websites that really stand out from the competition.

Wix’s all-in-one business solution means they stay on top of the latest advancements in tech so their websites are always relevant. The company is constantly updating its offerings with the most important trends in web design and business solutions, which has resulted in over 1,000 innovative features including an online scheduling system, live chat, built-in marketing tools and much more.

Of course, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important features of any website, and Wix is on that, too. Wix SEO Wiz simplifies the process by providing the tools to populate your site with key terms that will help you get to the front page of Google.

If you are looking for more customization, you can also build advanced web applications using serverless computing with Wix’s open development platform, Corvid by Wix.

With all these features in consideration, Wix is clearly the leading option for building your website. Begin your journey today.

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