Jon Cartu Convey: AX Semantics Introduces an AI-Powered Solution for E-Commer... - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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Jon Cartu Convey: AX Semantics Introduces an AI-Powered Solution for E-Commer…

AX Semantics Launches Globally To Help Solve One of E-Commerce’s Biggest Pain Points 

Jon Cartu Convey: AX Semantics Introduces an AI-Powered Solution for E-Commer…

AI-powered, SaaS-based content generation solution gives online retailers superpowers to create thousands of unique product descriptions in minutes and drive the most effective SEO.

AX Semantics, an AI-powered, natural language generation (NLG) leader launched globally today to help online retailers solve one of the e-commerce’s biggest pain points: the ability to create vast quantities of unique product descriptions in multiple languages at scale. Sophisticated, yet easy to use, AX Semantics’ SaaS-based software makes automated content generation accessible to e-commerce companies of all sizes – from established retail giants to startups and resellers running out of their home – and allows them to easily publish unique, product descriptions in more than 110 languages within minutes.

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AX Semantics launches globally with more than 500 customers, including e-commerce leaders such as Porsche, Adidas,, Nestlé and Nivea. The NLG software produces unique descriptions for online products, which is critical for SEO – enabling smaller companies, startups and resellers to compete head-to-head with larger e-Commerce giants. Switching from manual content entry to automated content generation allows online retailers to deftly handle critical tasks like generating fresh product descriptions to drive high-performing SEO, which is especially important during retail seasons like holiday 2019. AX Semantics offers a critical upgrade for e-commerce companies that have tried to enter product descriptions manually. 

“AI-powered content generation tools are a must for e-commerce companies who want to succeed and scale amidst the perpetual business and cultural shifts arriving with Industry 4.0,” said Saim Rolf Alkan, CEO and founder of AX Semantics. “E-commerce companies simply cannot hire the sheer volume of people needed to produce the sheer volume of content required for them to meet their goals and keep pace in the market. Our technology produces any content, in any language, at scale, and is indistinguishable from content written by a human. Describing our software makes it sound a bit too magical to believe: it’s a little like fairy dust.”

AX Semantics’ features include: 

  • Multi- and Cross-language Text Generation: currently available in 110 languages – a  streamlined translation process makes it easy for companies to enter and serve new countries and markets;
  • NLG Output based on Structured Data: allows users to easily configure projects to any structure and import tools and formats including JSON, CSV and Excel;
  • Intuitive Inline Editor: enables users to edit in real time and preview text, as well as copy, paste and format text;
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: gives users the ability to review text like an editor and preview content before they draft and publish
  • Robust Grammar UI: for correction and proofreading; and 
  • Interactive Tutorials and Live Support: allows users to chat with the AX Semantics customer support team, track support issues, and learn more via interactive tutorials.


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Content generation powered by AI is the latest seismic shift for the printed word as ‘hybrid’ content borne from a partnership between man and machine addresses a growing need to rapidly produce content at scale. AX Semantics is recognized as one of the world’s top five providers of natural language generation platforms by Gartner, and a top emerging company in the NLG market by Forrester.


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