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Jon Cartu Declares: 42 Powerful Local Marketing Ideas You (& Your Customers) Wi…

Jon Cartu Declares: 42 Powerful Local Marketing Ideas You (& Your Customers) Wi…

Local business owners know digital marketing is critical. Unfortunately, many don’t sustain growth because they cannot maintain consistency or because they run out of ideas. The good news is, effective digital marketing is a beautiful mix of search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, content marketing, social media advertising, and more—and with ever-changing trends, there are always ways to come up with new ideas.

local marketing ideas near me search ad

Yet as a business owner, it can be hard to come up with those new ideas. That’s why we’ve created this guide, which will cover local marketing suggestions and tips in four overarching categories:

  1. Local Facebook and Google advertising
  2. Local listings and review sites
  3. Local SEO
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Email marketing
  6. Community-based marketing

Some of these strategies are tried and true, while others may be new to you (rhyme not intentional, but we’ll go with it). The point is, there is something in here for everyone, whether you’re a rookie local marketer or a more seasoned and savvy specialist.

Effective local marketing ideas: advertising

Small businesses often have a small budget, so it might seem strange to have this as the first and foremost grouping of local marketing ideas. The truth is, thanks to the advanced targeting capabilities of online ads, they are a cost-effective way to get qualified exposure for your lcoal business. The key is to do it right. here are X ideas and suggestions to use it to get a solid ROI on your advertising spend.

1. Run Google Ads

Google, one of the foremost search engines in the world, allows you to target potential customers in your local area specifically with pay-per-click ads. With this platform, you can run the classic search engine result Google Ad, Google Service Ads, Google Shopping Ads, and more.

effective local marketing ideas run google ads

A higher volume of inquiries and increased sales are just two of many benefits of running Google Ads. A well-thought-out ad strategy can also yield long-term results that are less tangible, such as improved brand awareness and brand recognition, which often leads to referrals and sales down the road.To learn more, check out:

2. Set up detailed radius location targeting in Google Ads

Below is a simple explanation of Google Ads radius targeting.

local marketing ideas location targeting for google ads

You might think you can set the target 2-5 miles around your store and then kick back…but not so fast! Taking advantage of the radius targeting feature along with location bid adjustments is what will turn your Google Ads from doing well to, well, crushing it. Here’s how to set up radius targeting in Google Ads:

Step 1: Create your locations

Let’s say you own a coffee shop in Irvine, CA, and let’s say that consumers are only willing to drive up to five miles to visit the store.

  1. Go to settings at the campaign level > all settings > edit locations > advanced search > radius targeting.
  2. Type in your address and select search.
  3. Add locations for a 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 mile radius.

This is what the targeting map should look like when you are finished:

local marketing ideas radius targeting google ads

You know you are doing something right when your targeting is, in fact, a target.

Step 2: Collect data

The most important part of this Google Ads optimization strategy is using data to make your decisions. Now that the locations are placed in the campaign, you must give them time to collect clicks and more importantly, conversion data. Once your data reaches a significant level, you will then be able to perform the formula in step three and enter bid adjustments.

Step 3: Set location bid adjustments

A location bid adjustment is the percentage you would like to adjust your bids for a given location. You can set lower bids with negative numbers or raise bids with positive numbers.

To input these location bid adjustments, go to campaign settings > locations tab. Here you will see all of the radius locations that were just created in step one along with their performance data. You will notice a bid adjustment column (you will be using that one).

Here is the formula that you should use to create your bid adjustments for each location:

Location Conversion Rate / Average Conversion Rate – 1 = Bid Adjustment

Bid adjustment formula:

Location Conversion Rate / Average Conversion Rate – 1 = Bid Adjustment

An important thing to note is that bid adjustments will layer for a location within another location/locations. For example, ads showing in the 1-mile radius will have the 2, 3, 4, and 5-mile radius bid adjustments added up. Here is an example of what actual bid adjustments will look like vs. the original adjustments that you will get from the formula above.

  • Formula Bid Adjustments: 1 mile: 50%, 2 mile 35%, 3 mile 20%, 4 mile 10%, 5 mile 0%
  • Actual Bid Adjustments: 1 mile: 15%, 2 mile 15%, 3 mile 10%, 4 mile 10%, 5 mile 0%

No conversion data? First off, shame on you! The best thing you can do is go with the assumption that the further someone is from your store, the less likely they are to visit. With that, don’t set a bid adjustment for your 1-mile radius, and gradually scale negative bid adjustments for 2, 3, 4 and 5 miles.

3. Run local Facebook Ads

Running local Facebook ads in conjunction with Google Ads will even further facilitate sustained growth for your small business. Not ony can social media ads increase sales; they can also increase consumers’ familiarity with your business over time. As they scroll through their feeds and perform searches on Google and see your business more and more, when the time comes that they need yourr services, your business is likely to be the one they call.

effective local marketing ideas local facebook ads

Now, you’re not alone if you are asking yourself (or your agency) “Do you really believe our target market is on Facebook?” The answer is YES. Whether you are B2B or B2C, you are still advertising to people and frankly, people love consuming content on Facebook. In case you aren’t convinced yet, here are 25+ facts as to why you need to start advertising on Facebook. Below are the various objectives for advertising on Facebook. Website Clicks, Brand Awareness, and Local Awareness Ads are your best bet.

effective local marketing ideas promote your content on facebook


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