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Jon Cartu Reports: Explore the Advantages of Using jQuery for Boosting Your We…

Explore the Advantages of Using jQuery for Boosting Your We...

Jon Cartu Reports: Explore the Advantages of Using jQuery for Boosting Your We…

Since it received mainstream adoption, JavaScript has grown to the extent that over 95% of the 1.6 billion websites on the Clearnet today are powered by JS.

( — December 2, 2019) — Since it received mainstream adoption, JavaScript has grown relentlessly and consistently to the extent that over 95% of the 1.6 billion websites on the Clearnet today are powered by JS. It is also supported by pretty much any and every device that is capable of connecting to the internet today, which puts developers at an advantage. Since jQuery is built directly on top of JavaScript, nothing is stopping you from leveraging its great power to improve your site’s performance as well as optimize it for search engines. It is an extremely popular framework with a vibrant community that is still actively developing, meaning the resources made available to you are nearly endless, be it official and unofficial documentation and tutorials, as well as, support forums and message boards. Development is an absolute breeze, and you will have no trouble whatsoever.

We understand that jQuery is supposed to be a compact cross-browser JavaScript library that is utilized for simplifying HTML scripting. Web developers generally utilize JavaScript for bringing the needed functionality to websites created by them. Moreover, jQuery is known to provide incredible power and flexibility to web designers so that they could optimize their sites for the much-improved performance. As per the, the best tools would be aiming for the precise intersection between expenditure reduction and growth or improvement. It implies that the tools must let you gain the maximum success that is possible in terms of the shortest time or the smallest amount of money involved. In this respect, jQuery is supposed to be the best front-end dev tool.

Advantages of using jQuery

jQuery is supposed to be a popular ready-to-use JavaScript library with numerous visual functions like ease-in ease-out effects. All these important features make jQuery one of the most popular options for web designers who considered SEO to be one of the most important ways of boosting a brand’s performance. With the help of jQuery, web designers could consider doing almost all kinds of animation and effects on their websites. It is cross-browser compliant and SEO-friendly according to specialists at a renowned Chicago SEO company. Thanks to a host of plugins such as Image Slider, Pop-up Boxes, Content Slider, etc. the web designer’s job becomes much easier since they just need to effectively customize the plug-in for matching the design. Let us explore some of the advantages of using jQuery if you wish to use it for boosting your site’s SEO.

SEO-Ready Out of the Box

Search engines have been upping their game year after year, but have historically had trouble handling Flash elements on web pages. Thankfully, everything within your jQuery code will be read as text and is ready to index and be ranked by search crawlers. All the styles in the world will not help your marketing efforts if your site is not optimized for SEO. Thankfully, jQuery has you covered on this front, with a host of plugins available to extend the already very flexible framework for search engine optimization. A great practice that has stood the test of time is embedding your jQuery elements within unordered lists (the <ul> tag). This has been a core HTML tag and is sticking around for HTML5 too, meaning this practice will adhere to the very latest web standards. Search engines tend to read <ul> tags before any custom divs or tags, which is why it is a great idea. You can also load your animations with keywords that may not have a direct impact on how the user interacts with your site, but will certainly return immense search ranking dividends.

Efficient and Quick

The entire reason for the existence of jQuery is to enable the developer to do more with less code. Traditional JavaScript tasks that would need 25-30 lines to be implemented can be executed through as little as five lines of jQuery. Your files will be smaller, thus meaning the client loads your entire side faster, irrespective of how slow their internet connection or a computer itself is.

We understand that five lines of this popular scripting framework are comparable to 25 lines of traditional JavaScript code. This certainly implies faster-loading pages and smaller files. Web developers and programmers are perpetually looking for effective, innovative, and novel tools and techniques that would facilitate more flexibility to them and help them in boosting the overall SEO performance of their sites. They are at the same time, aware of the necessity of making all websites more SEO-friendly for breeding more healthy competition.

Promotes Simplicity

jQuery seems to be pretty easy to learn and web developers find it quite intuitive since the library is created using shorter and simpler codes. Thanks to its simple syntax and open coding standards, web developers could effectively shorten the time for deploying an application or site. Thanks to jQuery, web developers do not necessarily need to be specialists in programming or web designing for coming up with exceptional styles and designs for their websites. Web designers with reasonable experience in and exposure to coding and testing of CSS files are known to acknowledge the easy implementation associated with jQuery. We understand that jQuery boasts of a host of intuitive and robust components and features that developers may consider plugging into their websites.

Open-Source Library

We know that jQuery is a popular open-source library that seems to be supported seamlessly across diverse applications and it comes free. This implies that everyone could easily use this scripting framework without any tension of compatibility and licensing issues. Moreover, Microsoft has officially integrated jQuery into the ‘IDE Visual Studio 2010’ and its intelligence is well-supported…

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