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Jon Cartu Says: Tips for getting ranked on Google in 2019 –

Tips for getting ranked on Google in 2019

Jon Cartu Says: Tips for getting ranked on Google in 2019 –

The Algorithm of Google has undergone a series of changes and tweaks in the past decade. But the impact and the results of these tweaks may vary. Revision of the algorithm reflects an overall shift in the direction of  Direct Rank SEO. You should pay attention to these changes and tweaks if you want to keep getting the high ratings for your website.

The following are the ways by which you can improve your ranking on Google in 2019:

  1. Quality Content: Google had been careful in revealing their algorithms since the time their search engine was first launched. But the SEO industry has done well in the guessing these algorithms. Even their top advice is to ‘write great content’.

However, like rising in the machine and AI learning over time, Google can easily claim to have better, more profound and reliable success in the knowledge and analyzing of any piece of content. The algorithms are now focusing towards explaining content’s ability to fulfil ‘semantic intent of the user’ or ‘semantic intent of the user’s journey’.  In the coming years, keyword targeting is going to become less critical eventually. And users will move towards the content that solves their problems.

Creating high-quality content can improve your website’s ranking immeasurably. To produce high-quality content, you will need to look at the following points in your sight.

  1. You are writing Long and in-depth articles.

  2. Your search intent.

  3. The keyword research.

  4. Long-form articles.

  5. Rich snippets.

  6. On-page optimization: Improving your on-page optimization also leads to creating high-quality content and achieving higher SEO ratings.

You will need to take care of the following to do so:

  1. Titles tags and descriptions.

  2. Headings and sub-headings.

  3. Internal and external structural link.

  4. Schema mark-up.

  • Title tags and descriptions: Title tag is that necessary element that makes the title of the webpage specific like a heading of a topic. The title tags you see on the search engine are clickable links that lead to the desired webpage, which is an essential factor for social sharing. The title of the webpage has to be accurate in terms of defining the material written therein.

  • Headings and sub-headings: Headings are essential to SEO as they help the user or the reader to read the article more efficiently or to jump forward to a specific point of their wish. They make it easier for the user to get the meaning of the page. Ensuring these particular points can considerably improve your Direct Rank SEO in the sight of the visitor and social media.

  • Internal and external structural links: Internal links work as the carriers to take the user to the desired page more easily without having to search the term entirely on other search engines. The eternal links serve to make the user to an entirely different site.

  • Schema mark-up: These are the codes that you can put on your website to help the search engines find the relevant information on each page. These codes improve the user’s experience and make your content easier to find.

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