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Jon Cartu Stated: SEO mistakes you should avoid for your site in 2021 – Lates…

SEO mistakes you should avoid for your site in 2021 – Lates...

Jon Cartu Stated: SEO mistakes you should avoid for your site in 2021 – Lates…

Positioning in search engines is an objective that thousands of businesses will surely have this year given the relevance that the digital space has gained due to the pandemic, therefore, it is essential for those who are already there to develop SEO efforts that promote them and avoid errors that can wipe out all the land already earned. On this occasion, focusing on the errors, we will see some that ideally have to be avoided so that the sites perform better throughout the year.

If you want your site and its pages to be better positioned this year, these are some of the SEO mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

Ignore the listing in Google My Business

According to information referred by Social Media Today, this first error to avoid with SEO comes into play as it is considered a bad step not to claim or properly manage the listing in Google My Business.

With the world’s leading search engine giving an increasingly important focus to searches that point to indicators or places near users, you have a great opportunity, especially for small businesses, to reclaim your location. It is only necessary to fill in all the information and answer the questions to create a profile in this space that will give visibility to the businesses.

Focus only on On-Site SEO

As the second key mistake to avoid this year, the same source indicates that this should be avoided since most businesses still believe that SEO should only be done in the on-site section. However, since optimizing the website is a key component in positioning, off-site efforts or strategies cannot be ignored.

It is essential that every business creates attractive content for other websites. Also, it is advisable to allocate time on a monthly basis to take the content to other spaces that help with the contribution of return links or backlinks.

Ignore search intent

According to Supermetric, search intent is a busy ranking factor that impacts search results pages, so ignoring this aspect could be a major mistake. As shared on their blog, Google favors sites whose content satisfies the search intent for a given query.

In case you don’t know, this concept refers to the motivation behind the search for a user. You have to define what the person wants when they make that query in Google, whether they are trying to buy something or are trying to learn about something.

Relying heavily on backlinks

Finally, from Quicksprout it is highlighted that brands and companies with websites should not try to depend only on backlinks for their SEO efforts to be optimal.

Although links of this type are considered important, it must be considered that they are not the only component of SEO. There is an idea that by having links you will magically gain massive authority and improve rankings while experiencing a traffic boom, but that is not the case.

It should be remembered that SEO is the sum of several parts not just one or two techniques used to the extreme.

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