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Jon Cartu Suggest: Global Echo successfully delivers ‘MS-SOx’ scrubber to Hyun…

Global Echo successfully delivers 'MS-SOx' scrubber to Hyun...

Jon Cartu Suggest: Global Echo successfully delivers ‘MS-SOx’ scrubber to Hyun…

“The number of global shipowners considering installing scrubbers on their vessels instead of using Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil(VLSFO) is increasing, and inquiries and orders for scrubbers, too,” said Mr. Minsu Seo, Global Echo’s chairman.  

He added: “Most dry docks in Chinese shipyards are fully booked by the second quarter of 2020 for scrubber retrofit. To install a scrubber, a vessel needs to enter a dry dock to reconstruct the bottom of the vessel. After dry docking, it takes 60 days to complete the retrofit work on average. However, ‘MS-SOx’ scrubber is the only scrubber in the world which does not need dry docking and can be installed in 15 days.

“‘MS-SOx’ has come into the spotlight due to its no dry docking condition, 12 days of installation time, maximum utilization of a vessel’s existing structure, and 4 months of delivery term from the order date. Completing more than 20 projects with global shipowners itself is a guarantee for product’s excellent quality.”, said Mr. Seo.

Regarding the process of installation, he explained, “In case of Capesize Bulk Carriers and Very Large Ore Carriers (VLOC), Global Echo go through pre-voyage physical checks, feasibility testing, and 3D scanning. Then, upon the vessel’s arrival in China from its 90-day ChinaBrazilChina journey, we prepare the entire retrofit work in readiness and finish the work in 15 days.” 

In fact, Global Echo carried out scrubber retrofit work for three vessels simultaneously, in a single month of October in 2019.

Lastly, Mr. Seo said, “Global Echo’s ‘MS-SOx’ scrubber is an optimal scrubber for shipowners. We are currently offering scrubbers for delivery in June 2020.”

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SOURCE Global Echo Co., Ltd.


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