Jon Cartu Writes: What is Google AMP? Is it necessary for SEO? - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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Jon Cartu Writes: What is Google AMP? Is it necessary for SEO?

What is Google AMP? Is it necessary for SEO?

Jon Cartu Writes: What is Google AMP? Is it necessary for SEO?

Who does not have a mobile device? Currently browsing through our phone is quite normal and not only through social networks. According to a study from 2011 mobile traffic increased by 504%. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to mobile device users. For this is important Google AMP and we will see how necessary it is for SEO.

Today it is more important than ever to optimize our sites to improve the experience of our visitors. Something that will impact SEO. Google is able to detect slow loading sites that are not optimized. Not to mention the high bounce rate that this can generate and how much it could harm us.

Google AMP Is it necessary for SEO?

What is Google MAP?

Mobile optimization should be a priority in your SEO strategy. However, if Google AMP improves SEO and is ideal for your business website, it will depend on several factors: business model, content strategy, business size, industry, etc.

In 2016, Google announced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) It is an open source solution to improve the operation of websites from mobile devices.

The AMP version of a site is designed to load instantly. Even in the search results through our mobile device it shows which sites have Google AMP. How do we find out? We can see in the previous image an icon of a lightning bolt.

Sites with Google AMP load up to four times faster and use almost eight times less data than sites traditionally optimized for mobile devices.

Is it really necessary to adopt Google AMP?

Before I start talking in depth on this topic. What we must bear in mind is that although it can help us a lot in terms of SEO. It is not essential in some cases, everything will also depend on the type of site and company.

AMP is generally used by pages that feature a large number of articles or news. If the vast majority of pages on your site are not articles, AMP may not be necessary.

In case your site has a large number of articles, but you use a CDN (content delivery network) they come with quite interesting functions to optimize the performance of our site. So you really wouldn’t need to use AMP.

We should note that AMP pages load quite fast in part because certain JavaScript functions and plugins are limited. Obviously if you need any of these accessories, if it is really essential. So you shouldn’t use AMP.

AMP is not the only way to improve our positioning in Google, is one more thing we must do to achieve it. However, it is not really final or mandatory. What we do have to take into account is that it may be quite relevant in 2021 when Core Webs Vitals begins to be a ranking factor.

In case you already have a mobile version optimized with minimized CSS code. AMP may make things difficult for you. It’s probably not worth the work to tweak everything.

Benefits of using Google AMP

In addition to improving the loading speed and the experience of our visitors. AMP offers several benefits that, depending on your business, can improve your SEO strategy and results.

Greater participation on the site: AMP is quite light, this means that the site will load quite quickly. Which in turn translates as: users with unstable connections will be able to enter. It means more visits and more participation, since they will stay longer visiting our blog or website.Ranking in Google– We all know that our site load time is a ranking factor in Google. AMP prioritizes Google’s search algorithms. So it will benefit us to improve our positioning.Less bounce rate: It is proven that if a website takes more than 5 seconds to load, the user abandons it and goes in search of other alternatives. If we manage to improve the speed to the maximum, we will obtain a lower bounce rate.Increase the display of ads: thanks to AMP, HTML is coded in such a way that it improves usability in general. The result is that the advertising banners are also displayed more and optimally.Highest number of clicks– Something quite positive about AMP is that it shows up on Google’s mobile SERP carousel. This means that we will have more visits from the search engine.

We hope it will be clear to you what is Google AMP and if it improves SEO. As you can see, the benefits it has for your website are many and implementing it is really very simple.

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