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Jonathan Cartu Affirm: ‘True Beauty’ Episode 3: Seo-jun and Su-ho come to blows be…

'True Beauty' Episode 3: Seo-jun and Su-ho come to blows be...

Jonathan Cartu Affirm: ‘True Beauty’ Episode 3: Seo-jun and Su-ho come to blows be…

We had said it at the beginning and we are saying it again. ‘True Beauty’ the latest tvN Kdrama is quite different from the webcomic that the show is based on. ‘True Beauty’ Episode 3 further proves this as we see Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young) stand up for herself without depending on anyone’s help. Just as she had found makeup to help her gain confidence, her newfound life in the school that she had recently transferred to gives her a different perspective on how she deserves to be treated. Of course, at the beginning of the episode, Ju-kyung was unsure if Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo) saved her from getting outed for using makeup because he knew about her face ridden with blemishes and acne or if he had just gone with his instincts. 

However, once she confirms that Su-ho knew that Ju-bal and Ju-kyung were the same person, she got down on her knees and begged him to keep her secret. In return, she promised that she would do anything for him. It starts with small chores like picking up his favorite drink from the cafe or helping him hand over the class assignments to the teachers, but soon enough, it begins to feel as if Su-ho is holding onto Ju-kyung’s weakness and bullying her, which makes him no different than the bullies that she had met in her previous school. 

For Ju-kyung to come to this conclusion, she goes through various trials, which includes dancing to Hwa Sa’s ‘Maria’ in front of her teachers before she realizes that she should not be putting up with Su-ho’s whims and wishes. The confrontation between her and Su-ho where she tells him that he is no different just because he saved her once rings true and this is definitely an important conversation that needs to take place in a show that centers on bullying and mental trauma resulting from it. 

It is at this moment that Seo-jun (Hwang In-yeop) coincidentally sees Ju-kyung and Su-ho together and he assumes that Su-ho has moved on past his friend’s death and tries to remind him of their best friend who Seo-jun believes died because of Su-ho. Seo-jun also seems to hate Su-ho’s father, the very same way that Su-ho seems to hate him and this is new friendship. This is not something that was ever depicted explicitly in the comic and we cannot wait to see how this pans out either. For now, though, Seo-jun has learned that Su-ho is interested in Ju-kyung so he tries to goad Su-ho into reacting by hitting on Ju-kyung, and just as he had expected Su-ho is unable to stay calm. The two of them end up coming to blows and this happens right after Ju-kyung has resolved her conflict with Su-ho so it seems that Su-ho and Ju-kyung are both off to a rocky start. 

Will the animosity between the two friends not be resolved as it did in the comics? The more the comic veers off the path paved by the comics, the more exciting it is to watch out for the episodes. 

‘True Beauty’ episodes will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10.30 pm on tvN in Seoul, and can be streamed on Viki in the US.

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