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Jonathan Cartu Declare: Software Company Focuses on Customer Experience

Software Company Focuses on Customer Experience

Jonathan Cartu Declare: Software Company Focuses on Customer Experience

Minneapolis-based software company SalesStryke’s online sales and marketing solution has helped haulers succeed in increasing sales, margins and profits and has elevated the customer experience in the waste and recycling industry.

The TrashBolt software gives the hauler’s customer the ability to sign up and pay for new services online. It deploys directly on a hauler’s website, allowing customers to “pay at the pump” at any time.

“Using sophisticated mapping technology, TrashBolt geolocates the customer to determine whether the customer lives in a service area,” says K. Ryan Hasse, SalesStryke Software CEO. “If yes, then TrashBolt displays relevant information such as the day of the week trash service occurs, the price specific to location, terms and conditions of service. The customer can sign the agreement and pay. Data is sent to the hauler’s software systems.”

Software Company Focuses on Customer Experience

TrashBolt’s online sales platform helps haulers increase customer efficiency and growth for their companies.

“It’s been our pleasure to work with our clients. They are, we believe, at the forefront of the waste services sales and marketing best practices,” says Hasse. “They have remarkable growth with unusually high density, running their trucks at higher than average capacity. They see how TrashBolt brings PCI [payment card industry] compliance to the purchasing process and how data efficiency increases customer response times. And, most of all, our clients are providing their customers with the buying experience today’s buyers demand.”

Waste360 recently sat down with Hasse to learn how TrashBolt has helped haulers succeed in increasing sales, margins and profits and the overall customer experience.

Waste360: What services are available through the TrashBolt software?

K. Ryan Hasse: TrashBolt will grow a hauler’s business while lowering cost of sale. TrashBolt is a(n):

  • Portal that allows sales reps and customer service representatives (CSRs) to pull up the correct map-based agreement in order to close business over the phone.
  • Sophisticated marketing tool, allowing a hauler to target in-route address for marketing campaigns.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy/website design firm.
  • Mobile sales platform for outside sales/professional door knockers.
  • Platform that allows customers to buy via a QR code (placed on a cart, realtor refrigerator magnet, etc.).
  • Managed marketing firm offering: direct mailers and Google ads based on in-service maps.

Software Company Focuses on Customer Experience

Waste360: How has TrashBolt enhanced the client experience?

K. Ryan Hasse: The setup and deployment of a system like this is highly specialized. This is why we’ve created a customer experience that is “turnkey.” Most haulers do not have the staff required to set up and maintain a system like this. So, we do it all for them. With their direction and data, we create the maps, set up the online agreements and even deploy the “buy now” button on their website for them.

Software Company Focuses on Customer Experience

Software Company Focuses on Customer Experience

This is different from many software products across many industries. In most cases, extra staff is required to set up and maintain a software this sophisticated. That’s not our model. Instead, we set up and deploy the software, and we maintain it. We even maintain our client’s integrations to their other software systems. If a hauler has a route change, an acquisition of another hauler, price changes, tax changes, etc., we do the work. Just send us an email, and consider it done.

In this way, deploying TrashBolt is like renting/outsourcing a very talented and dedicated staff. The value for a hauler is incredible.

Because of this, our clients are experiencing vast success with TrashBolt. Once we deploy, our haulers often see their first online sale within two hours of deployment. We had one client close their first sale through TrashBolt in the first 21 minutes. The results are amazing.

Waste360: What benefits have your clients experienced?

K. Ryan Hasse: TrashBolt will result in an increase in sales and decrease in cost of sale, all while increasing data/operations efficiency and, most importantly, giving the customer the buying experience they want and expect. Let’s break this down a bit.

Increase Gross Sales

Think about this. How do you buy? Amazon? eBay? Expedia? Domino’s Pizza online? Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world (trading back and forth with Bill Gates) because he made buying stuff easy. Haulers must do the same. Let’s consider a few scenarios:

Scenario 1: It’s Friday evening. A new home buyer has just moved in and is looking at a mountain of trash piled in the garage. “Agh! I forgot to get garbage service.” The current paradigm would have that customer call and leave messages to several haulers or fill out an online form and then wait for a response. Monday … it’s a hauler foot race. Whomever can get to that customer first is most likely to get that business. One in seven homeowners move annually. So, this is a common situation.

Scenario 2: A customer Googles “trash service near me.” Six haulers show up on the first page of search results. Who gets the business? The one with the “buy now” capability or the five others who expect a customer to call in, leave a message, fill out a form, etc. That’s inconvenient. Our haulers sell their regular rack rates online because it’s simply an easier, more time effective, less intrusive way (who wants to talk to a sales rep?) to purchase.

Software Company Focuses on Customer Experience

Scenario 3: You’re a donor of a charity for years. You receive the charity’s e-newsletter each month. You notice this month that there’s an offer to “buy now” from a hauler. Switching service results in a donation to your favorite charity.

Scenario 4: You receive an email that says you can receive a free month’s service for each neighbor you sign up. All you need to do is enter your promo code and use your mobile phone to sign up your neighbors.

The sheer number of…

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