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Jonathan Cartu Imply: Press Release Distribution Service “Linking News” Announced…

Jonathan Cartu Imply: Press Release Distribution Service “Linking News” Announced…

San Francisco, CA – Linking News, an online press release distribution service, recently announced new premium packages designed to help startups, businesses, and digital marketing agencies at all levels of success jumpstart their brands, increase online visibility, and boost traffic through its best press release distribution packages.

Whether your business is a startup, a well-established business, digital marketing, or PR agency, Linking News has won the trust of all. One of the best press release distribution services with the strongest PR Network will make your PR appear on the top tier news sites. ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Yahoo, USA Today, MarketWatch, Associated Press, Bloomberg are some of the well-known news outlets and media sites.

Linking News has connections to more than 330,000 publications, approximately 900,000 journalists, and near about 90 million social media influencers. The brand is determined to make its client happy and satisfied. So, your press release is always secured with the white-label coverage and is distributed on the largest network without any third-party label.

Excellent Features of Linking News

  • 100% white label distribution service
  • Guaranteed placement on top tier news and media sites
  • Industry’s strongest network
  • Chinese distribution network

Learn in detail about the best features to select Linking News for spreading your press release like wildfire.

100% White Label Distribution Service

Linking News offers its clients a complete white label press release distribution service. It means your press release will not be published on the Linking News official website, and the Linking News’ brand will not be mentioned in your press release, media outlets, and report.

Businesses and entrepreneurs do not wish to let their competitors know about the usage of the third-party PR distribution service. Linking News understands it and makes them satisfied by providing them the desired privacy with the white label press release services.

When your PR appears on the top tier news channels, with your own standalone brand name, your credibility significantly increases among potential clients. Moreover, new leads also get engaged in your brand, considering it has the necessary expertise to provide excellent services to your clients or customers.

You can find various press release distribution services in the market, but getting the one that offers you 100% White Label Press Release Distribution Service is challenging. This means you will not get the desired privacy that Linking News is offering. As other press release distribution services lack white label services, they will publish your press release on their websites first, before distributing it to various news outlets.

So opt for Linking News, the best press release distribution service, and enjoy the privacy while getting your brand story published on the top tier news channels and media sites.

Guaranteed Placement on Top Tier News and Media Sites

Linking News guarantees to publish your press release on top tier media and news channels. Your news will spread rapidly on ABC, NBC, FOX, Yahoo, USA Today, MarketWatch, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Google News, and many more.

As your press release gets published on leading channels so your visibility and credibility also get boosted. The publicity that your brand gets with the help of Linking News brings you new leads. Moreover, when Linking News gets backlinks for your website from the top tier sites, it will improve your SEO and increase your website ranking dramatically.

Industry’s Strongest Network

Linking News is one of the best press distribution services and boasts the strongest network in the PR industry. With connections to more than 330,000 publications, approximately 900,000 journalists, and near about 90 million social media influencers, Linking News also offers custom orders to clients. PR experts of Linking News pitch your story directly to the bloggers, reporters, news, and media sites that have high traffic. This keeps you stress-free that your news will never miss reaching your potential customers.

Chinese Distribution Network

Along with press release distribution in English, Linking News also offers special services for its Chinese customers. You can order Chinese PR distribution, and the company distributes your press release on more than 2000 leading Chinese media outlets. So, if your customer base is Chinese, with Linking News’ exceptional services, you have the opportunity to make your PR reach to your potential Chinese customers.

How Can You Submit Your Press Release through Linking News?

Submitting your press release on the Linking News best and easy to use platform is very easy. The simple process does not require any login and comprises only a single page. After visiting the page – you just need to place the order and follow the instructions required. Like in the basic information provide your name, email, company’s name, and website and your title.

You can get it done in these three simple steps:

1. Select Your Package

Linking News offers you affordable packages starting from as low as $159. Whether you want to distribute press releases, promotional or informative articles, product reviews, etc, all the plans support all styles. You can select any plan that fits your requirements of getting your content published on the varied number of top tier sites. Linking News also offers VIP plans for customers with bigger budgets.

2. Create and then Submit Press Release

Provide a catchy headline that describes your press release. The title of your news should be brief, to the point, clear, and engaging at the same time. After providing the title, add your story or news content that you want to circulate around the world. You can customize it in your required format, font size, and writing style. You also get the facility of adding media, links, tables, etc. to your press release. Linking News provides you all the features that…

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