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Ofer Eitan Affirm: ‘A Piece of your Mind’ Episode 3: Chae Soo-bin’s Seo-woo is…

'A Piece of your Mind' Episode 3: Chae Soo-bin's Seo-woo is...

Ofer Eitan Affirm: ‘A Piece of your Mind’ Episode 3: Chae Soo-bin’s Seo-woo is…

‘A Piece of your Mind’ Episode 3 sees both Ha-won and Seo-woo deal with the aftermath of Ji-soo’s death. It is extremely emotional for Seo-woo because she understands the pain of losing someone. She lost her parents to a forest wildfire and Ji-soo’s death is too close to what happened with her parents. This is also the same reason why she empathizes with Ha Won beyond how much one would expect. She is unable to objectively remove herself from between Ji Soo and Ha Won. She also became close to Ji Soo, and she hopes to move on from the loss by helping Ha Won move on.

In an attempt to make it easier for Seo-woo, now that she also has found out why he really needed Ji Soo’s voice, Ha Won shares the technology that he is developing with her. He gives her the tiny device embedded with Ji Soo’s voice and her characteristics and tells Seo-woo to talk to the device like she would with Ji Soo herself. Just as he found out his point of reaction was the thunder and lightning, he wants to find Ji Soo’s point of reaction, which would ensure that the device would work as if it really was Ji Soo who is talking and not an automated version of her voice.

A still of Chae Soo-bin as Seo-woo in ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ episode 3. (tvN)

Seo-woo initially doesn’t know anything about the point of reaction and just takes the device to use it to converse with. She tells the device about her day, how she felt and what she did and one day in the recording studio she begins to talk about Ha Won to the device. She tells the device that she has begun to like looking at Ha Won as he misses Ji Soo. He mourns by visiting the places that Ji Soo had been to, by doing things that she did when she was alive, by hearing and seeing things when Ji Soo was alive is endearing to Seo-woo and a voice pops out from the device and says “looks like it’s one-sided love”. It is as if she is really speaking to Ji Soo and it shocks Seo-woo. 

Not only does she realize that she might be in love with a man who has no intention of giving up on his first love, but weirdly enough, the device now speaks with the same characteristics as Ji Soo would have, had she been alive. Despite her developing feelings for Ha Won, or probably because of it, Seo-woo refuses to cut off from him. She continues to try and comfort him as he mourns Ji Soo’s loss and this is the beginning of a relationship where both of them are looking just for a piece of the person that they love, in whatever form they can enjoy, even if it was just their voice. 

‘A Piece of Your Mind’ new episodes air on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9 pm KST on tvN.

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