Ofer Eitan Announced: Getting Your Local SEO Game Ready for the Festivities - Jonathan Cartu - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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Ofer Eitan Announced: Getting Your Local SEO Game Ready for the Festivities


Ofer Eitan Announced: Getting Your Local SEO Game Ready for the Festivities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2019 / As much as we enjoy thinking about the patterns we’ll be soon carving on those pumpkins, we all know the big one is actually just around the corner.

Christmas is once more looming on the horizon, and most keen brands are ramping up their engines to meet it, and the many opportunities that come along this oh most wonderful time of the year.

So, it comes as a surprise to no one that savvy businesses – in an effort to get an edge over the competition – are turning to their digital marketing efforts for new opportunities. And while others stay behind trying the same old things, others are looking forward to what’s quickly becoming the darling of the field: Local SEO.

The question becomes, though, is there really seasonality to be exploited when it comes to local SEO? And if so, what should your business be doing about it?

Well, we sat down with Guy Sheetrit – CEO of OverTheTopSEO and digital marketer extraordinaire – to talk about how businesses can get the most out of their Local SEO this December.

Here’s what we learned.

Updated Data Consistency Across All Platforms

Start by ensuring you have updated and consistent data across platforms, which doesn’t tie directly with the holidays, but is really just Local SEO 101″

According to Guy, the first thing you need to take care of is to make sure your business contact data – particularly the name, addresses, and phone numbers – is up to date and consistent everywhere where your clients might find it.

Every time I ask a client if their data is up to date in all platforms, I invariably get a resounding ‘yes!‘ Nine-times-out-of-ten that means it is… in one or two places. The rest have been left forgotten, and are sending potential customers into dead ends,” shares Sheetrit.

Google My Business Profile, Yelp, Moz Local, Social Media profiles, as well as any other niche-specific local business directories. If your company’s there, you need to do a pass ahead of the holidays and make sure your data there is up-to-date and accurate in all of those platforms. No exceptions.

Otherwise, you risk having potential customers calling to dead phone numbers, showing up after closing times, or worse, traveling to a location that you no longer operate out of!

This not only lose you sales, but also gives would-be clients a terrible first experience with your brand.

Start Creating Holiday-Optimized Content

Seasonality of content is nothing new. However, the big ones – like Christmas and Easter – call for exclusive, highly-targeted approaches to get the most out of them.

Guy made a point to stress the importance of start targeting content to the season. You need to be ready to do some intense research – Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, Trends – to puzzle out the holiday keywords relevant to your business, and then start crafting content around them.

“What I regularly do for businesses over the course of a regular year is, I basically do all over again in the period prior to the holidays. Building from the ground-up a seasonal strategy that not only doubles down on your regular keywords and hooks customers but also adds seasonal funnels that explode around major dates.”

Guy also notes that particular keywords that performed well in previous years won’t necessarily work this time around. He also adds that fine-tuning a strategy that progressively advances from major event to major event – from Thanksgiving to Christmas eve to New year’s – is sure to have a dramatic compounding effect that will reflect in your business’ bottom line come January.

Everyone Can Do “Christmas” Make Yours Stand Out!

Generic is the best way to get lost in the crowd. Keep in mind everyone is going to be talking about the festivities. You need to find novel approaches that bring people’s attention to YOU

Yes, it’s crucial to get that holiday spirit on and reflect on your content, website, and online presence… but don’t forget everyone else will be at it too! If people keep finding on your outlets the same ideas, styles, images, and topics they’ve seen everywhere else, the effect – and effort – is lost.

…And is here where the Local SEO aspect shines once more. Think about it, what’s something that only YOU have that your competition can’t get no matter how hard they try? Your stores, offices, and locales. They can play a pivotal role in customizing your content for the holidays. And that extends to your surrounding area too!

Play around with your social media and Google My Business posts. Maybe showcase your offices’ Christmas decorations. Do a stroll around the street where your store is located, and talk about all the holiday entertainment available for everyone around the area.

There’s plenty of things that “local” can do to set your business apart from others. Use it.

Get a Head Start

There’s a reason why we are talking about this now and not in December! If you wait for the jingle bells’ chime before you start your act, you are likely to find yourself without a chair when the music stops.”

If you are a business, the holidays start way before the actual dates are even close.

You are probably well aware of this when it comes to running your business: Ordering inventory ahead of demand, hiring extra help with time for training, planning for end-of-the-year balances months in advance. However, plenty of business owners aren’t as quick on the draw when it comes to their marketing.

I’m a late buyer. I work best under pressure, so I don’t mind a little running around late to get my Christmas purchases near the end. However, most people aren’t like that. You have a lot of customers getting the bulk of their first purchases as early as late October/early November. And those are the people that are going to be talking about ‘this or that awesome store they found on Google Maps,’ and recommending it to their friends and family in the weeks after.”

The seasonal marketing game starts way in advance of the actual holidays, and that’s especially true if you…

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