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Ofer Eitan Announces: Orlando SEO Agency, Web Daytona, Continues to Provide Servi…

Ofer Eitan Announces: Orlando SEO Agency, Web Daytona, Continues to Provide Servi…

Top-rated Orlando SEO agency maintains service output to help keep companies afloat, online

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – May 14, 2020 – (Newswire.com)

​​Web Daytona, Florida’s leading full-service digital marketing agency, has confirmed they will be providing uninterrupted services throughout this uncertain time. As businesses continue to work in unfamiliar settings, digital marketing is becoming more relevant for those trying to stay afloat. The Orlando SEO professionals will continue to bring their clients professional online marketing, as businesses across the country begin to return to normal operation.

Web Daytona works with clients from various industries, establishing their digital presence with search-friendly websites and online strategies. Their customer support and maintenance services, as well as ongoing monitoring, give businesses the edge they need to stay competitive. This has proved to be especially valuable in recent months, with the business world being forced to adapt to a new way of operating.

Web Daytona CEO, Gary Vela, spoke about the outbreak and the digital marketers’ decision to stay operating throughout it: “These are uncertain times. With remote work and collaborating on the rise, companies are rushing to embrace digital channels. We’re seeing more businesses than ever creating or updating websites, moving over to e-commerce, and firing up their social media profiles. Being able to adapt right now is important, and Web Daytona is proud to be a part of that digital transformation.”

With companies around the world adjusting to a new normal, we see more operations using digital strategies to move their operations online, and for good reason. E-commerce sites offering essentials have reported surges in online traffic over the last three months. Travel websites have experienced a big uptick in traffic, as well, with visitors looking for discounted rates on flights. With these and dozens of other industries bringing in new, unique visits, digital marketing is a handle for business owners to grab onto and leverage this new market.

“It’s a new landscape for businesses,” added Vela. “And digital marketing is at the center of it. If you are considering digital marketing for your business, or you’ve been on the fence for some time, there has never been a better time than now.”

For further details, contact Duncan Reyneke at [email protected]

About Web Daytona

Web Daytona is a leading name in the Orlando SEO and digital marketing industry. Based out of Daytona Beach, Florida, their focus on effective marketing and sustainable growth is complemented by a love for all things digital. Their portfolio includes cutting edge online marketing services, keeping their clients at the top of their digital game. Discover top-rated local SEO and an innovative new approach to Web Daytona’s SEO Audit tool to social media marketing strategies.

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Orlando SEO Agency, Web Daytona, Continues to Provide Services as Florida Businesses Approach a New Normal

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