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Ofer Eitan Assert: Fiscal Trends in Mexico – Agence SEO – Latest News, Breakin…

Ofer Eitan Assert: Fiscal Trends in Mexico – Agence SEO – Latest News, Breakin…

Jose Luis Elizondo Cantú José Luis Elizondo Cantú Source: Courtesy

Dear Readers, in Mexico there has been a gradual and slow but firm change in recent years in fiscal matters, this has brought with it that in our country the tax evasion as a national sport, have a change in culture and tax civics among Mexican taxpayers. There is no doubt that the SAT is winning the race to the taxpayer in terms of digital advance and this has generated a more effective control in terms of control and collection of taxes.

In such a way that the authority has many digital tools that give it enough information to detect differences in taxes not paid by taxpayers. In the last decade, Mexico has advanced in what is called CFDI (Digital tax receipt) or better known as electronic invoice, initially the Treasury focused on the use of this to control sales and after 5 years it has achieved total control of sales so it is no longer possible not to pay taxes via omission of sales such that taxpayers have been evading fiscally in the item of expenses. Situation that the Treasury has detected through electronic audits, for which 2 years ago I created the latest version of CFDI 3.3 that is allowing you to have total control of expenses and therefore taxpayers are now focusing on avoiding through cost of sales manipulation. Therefore, the SAT is developing a digital program for the perpetual inventory control of the merchandise as well as the cost of sales, which will be implemented before the end of the sexennium of the 4th transformation.

In the last 5 years the authority has focused on important changes in tax laws regarding tax losses, for which they are already highly controlled in regard to their transfer through the sale of shares and the amortization of these against the profits of the last 10 fiscal years is no longer allowed so easily after generating this in profit from different turns and activities.

It is also known that the authority is working to control the purchases and / or sales of tangible and intangible fixed assets with the object to control deductions for depreciation and amortization.

The fourth transformation came to stay in order to abate corruption, tax avoidance and evasion through avoiding impunity and through the issuance of new laws that ensure the rule of law in Mexico.

The SAT has new inspection tools such as electronic accounting, electronic auditing, information cross-checking and the new modality that when submitting annual returns through digital processes in its formulation forces the taxpayer to perform a kind of self-audit and through this new tool press for the taxpayer to pay provisional payments or differences omitted as a prerequisite to be able to file their annual return, such as the annual tax return Income tax for the year 2019 where the taxpayer was forced for the first time to tie his sales CFDI with provisional payments, as well as the payroll deduction, tying this deduction concept with his payroll CFDI.

We consider that for the 2020 annual declaration, it will force you to tie your deductions with the CFDI of your providers, this will allow the possibility of evading in the annual declaration and provisional payments to be shortened. All of the above has resulted in Mexicans we are changing our culture and tax citizenshipNot yet by conviction but by obligation, as the Mexican saying remains, well, there is no other remedy, so in Mexico, in tax matters, things will never be the same as in the past.

C.P.C and Lic. José Luis Elizondo Cantú, General Director of the Elizondo Cantú, SC Law Firm.

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