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Ofer Eitan Reports: 15 Tips That Will Improve Your Writing Today

15 Tips That Will Improve Your Writing Today

Ofer Eitan Reports: 15 Tips That Will Improve Your Writing Today

Back in 2007, freelancer writers like myself were paid crap per piece of website content.

Due to the youthful tastes of search engines and digital content, algorithms were much simpler to conquer.

The goal was the more content, the better.

More content equals better rankings.

Better rankings equal stronger profit.

“The more content, the better” remains a significant saying across websites today.

Back then, the game plan was to pump out as much as possible, which typically resulted in zero quality.

For me, that meant $5 for rewritten press releases on motorcycle websites.

And $10 for 250-word summaries of anything newsworthy in the pet supply industry.

(Remember those 2007 pet food recalls? The updates were weekly, though a few companies wrote about them every few hours just to produce content.)

Thankfully during these times, I was freelancing for magazines that paid serious money – sometimes $1.50 a word.

Before I knew anything about the Pareto Principle, I was a student of 80/20 living.

I spent most of my time writing – and chasing – magazine writing. Those editors pushed me always to produce the best possible work.


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This led to my position today, 13 years later, creating magazine-quality content for the digital world.

Quality continues to be everything, though now the game is much more challenging.

You must create engaging content that reads as if it was written for some of the world’s most popular magazines and also rank highly in search engines.

I wrote plenty about writing for SEO here: SEO Writing: Top 47 Tips to Master a Combined Art.

For this piece, I will provide guidelines and tips about how you can improve your writing today (sans the SEO talk).

The following are 15 lessons I’ve learned throughout the years.

I speak from my experience as a writer in various disciplines; from newspapers to ecommerce product copywriting to blogging to magazine articles to ghostwriting for CEOs.

All of that writing also led to a position as online editor for Ultimate Motorcycling, the launch of my SEO-driven content marketing agency, and the publication of my debut book “365 to Vision: Modern Writer’s Guide (How to Produce More Quality Writing in Less Time.”


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Let’s get to it.

1. Distraction-Free All The Time

There’s a saying in the motorcycle industry – ATGATT, which means All the Gear, All the Time.

You never know when a crash will occur – but you must always be prepared.

Well, for writers, the saying should be DFATT – Distraction-Free, All the Time.

Just like you can crash a motorcycle and mess yourself up seriously if not riding with the proper gear, you can create sloppy and unengaging content if not distraction-free every moment you’re writing.

All strong writing begins before the actual act of typing or writing a word.

This means killing anything that will distract you from your thoughts – thoughts that you want clear and concise versus cluttered and disorganized.

The way forward? Pure silence from things that distract.

The biggest culprits are:

  • Notifications from social media – text, chats, or email.
  • Your phone itself (even visually seeing it!).
  • A cluttered environment.
  • Cluttered thoughts.
  • People.

The notifications part is easy – make sure all are off when writing.

This means zilch, none, nada.

Keep your phone away, whether across the room or hidden in a drawer.

If I’m writing something that takes a massive amount of deep thought, I also shut the internet off on my Mac or Macbook.

As for cluttered environments and thoughts – keep your desk tidy, and declutter your mind by doing something relaxing before writing.

Whether it’s meditation, a walk outdoors, a stupidly fast motorcycle ride…do whatever works for you.

As for people, let your co-workers or family members know (working home is the new norm, correct!) when you’ve blocked times out for writing.

It seems everyone wants an espresso break or opinion on something when you’re focused on your thoughts and discovering how to say them through words.

2. Endless Energy

Yes – still nothing to do with the act of writing, but the entire world before typing or penning one word is vital to creating engaging content.


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If you’re unproductive, forget creating content that engages.

My productivity writing habits include the following daily.

This list has some of the best hacks that simply work:

Stand-up Desk

Don’t sit; it robs energy.

Unless you have some serious health issues, stand and write all day.

Your energy levels will thank you, as will your posture.

Unscrew the LEDs

LEDs may provide great light, but they rob energy.

Multiple Supplements Daily

A few of my favorites that supercharge the brain are GABA, Theacrine, and Huperzine.

Zero Caffeine After 2 P.M.

Yeah – odd as it sounds, but it helps with sleep, which helps with energy.

Ending Every Shower Ice-Cold

Try this for 30 seconds and work your way up to two minutes during every shower.

This simple act multiplies the electrical impulses to your brain, helping with clarity and energy.

It also helps circulation, which helps with energy levels.

Mini Trampoline

Rebounding on a trampoline is not discussed often, but the benefits are many.


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Trampolining provides the benefits of a jog without all the stress on your joints, and can be done within any office setting due to the small sizes of mini-trampolines.

I jump about two minutes every hour – it provides a natural energy boost by getting the heart rate raised and improving circulation.

It also stimulates your lymphatic system, which assists in detoxification. For more info, read this: 7 Brilliant Benefits of Trampolining.

Circadian Optics Light Therapy

Light in the morning mimics the sun to awake us.

Sleep Well

Stay on a pattern of sleep daily.

Read “Sleep Smarter” by Shawn Stevenson, and you’ll understand the serious power of consistent sleep…and quickly.

Monitor Alcohol Before Bed

Yes – I hate this one because I love winemaking it and…


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