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Ofer Eitan Reports: SEO Firm Offering Free Ad Words Audit


Ofer Eitan Reports: SEO Firm Offering Free Ad Words Audit

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Chicago Website Design SEO Company, based in Chicago, Illinois, has announced that they are offering a free ad words audit for a business’ pay per click (PPC) marketing strategy. PPC marketing offers a great way to get a website in front of potential customers. If properly handled PPC search engine marketing positioning can save businesses a lot of money while substantially boosting their ROI. As a free service, the company is now offering ad words audit for a business’ PPC marketing efforts.

Jack Lombardi, CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, says, “We are offering a free ads words audit for potential customers because PPC, SEO and various search engine marketing strategies can supplement each other to produce a revenue stream before and after a business has formed natural search engine standings. This strong marketing service can assist businesses in creating a powerful customer base. There are a number of marketing strategies that can be used. These include sponsored search ads, contextual advertising, keyword research, retargeting, competitive analysis, bidding, reporting, analytics, and reporting of key performance indicators.”

Chicago Website Design SEO Company also offers a number of other services. These include website design, optimization, lead generation, reputation management, and competition report. Having professional designers do the small business website design allows business people to concentrate on running their business. The SEO company will take care of a number for things for the small business when it comes to website design. These include writing content, design of a business logo, inclusion of images, and ensuring the reliability of the website.

And then the SEO firm also provides local SEO services for small business. Search engine optimization service is provided to allow the small business to connect with potential customers. They point out that every month, there are more than 10 billion searches conducted in the U.S. and more than 40 percent of them are neighboring searches, such as for city, state, and even neighborhood names. With their local SEO service, small business owners can take advantage of that opportunity.

Chicago Website Design SEO Company also offers lead generation services. They are capable of building lead generation systems from the ground up, including but not limited to website design, lead funnels, content writing, email sequence writing, search engine optimization, reputation building, and PPC set up and management. They point out that while there are many sales leads generation strategies, they focus on web marketing, which is their specialty. They focus on determining the keywords that a prospective client for the business will use in searching for the product or service that the business provides. The process that they follow include: finding the correct and profitable keywords; building or revamping the website to reflect those particular keywords for expectation management; building, managing or repairing online reputation; search engine optimization of the website; and performance of start off-page SEO for the keywords.

Reputation management is also a key service provided by Chicago Website Design SEO Company. For small businesses and business owners, their online reputation is their best asset. Potential clients will always check on the reputation of a small business and its CEO and other key officers. That is why it is important to have a good online reputation. This can be handled by reputation management professionals from the SEO company. They can help in dealing with negative press coverage, negative reviews, or a crisis that affects the image of the business or the CEO. A good online reputation is critical in a number of business events. These include when closing an important business deal; when working with customers who want to read the business’ reviews; starting a new business; building a partnership in business; comparison shopping; networking; talking to the press; and looking for new clients.

Those who are interested in the PPC ad management and other services offered by Chicago Website Design SEO Company can check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


For more information about Chicago Website Design SEO Company, contact the company here:

Chicago Website Design SEO Company
Jack Lombardi
(312) 448-8310
[email protected]
Chicago Website Design SEO Company
10 S. Riverside Plaza
Chicago, IL. 60606
(312) 448-8310


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