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Ofer Eitan Reviews: Cuba’s medical brigades challenge Covid-19 and enemy campai…

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Ofer Eitan Reviews: Cuba’s medical brigades challenge Covid-19 and enemy campai…

28 de abril de 2020, 9:5Havana, Apr 28 (Prensa Latina) Cuba and its healthcare professionals are cornerstones of international solidarity because with their altruism and heroism they destroy lies of campaigns to discredit their work, assured this Tuesday healthcare authorities.

Deputy Minister of Public Health Marcia Cobas specified that members of the International Contingent of Specialized Doctors in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics ‘Henry Reeve’ made up by 22 brigades, which are working in 24 countries to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said these brigades joined the 61 already working in the same number of countries as part of the historic medical cooperation program that Cuba selflessly offers, as part of its internationalism and solidarity.

Cobas made clear that all these brigades have been sent by decision of the Cuban government based on official requests and the analysis of the proposals, conditions and actual possibilities, without abandoning quality care and providing the necessary resources to the Cuban population.

Despite the discredit campaigns and the manipulation of public opinion in the United States, these 2,030 healthcare professionals voluntarily traveled and have already attended over 5,500 patients in isolation areas, hospitals and red zones jeopardizing their own health and lives, she noted.

In this cooperation, she pointed out, scientific exchange, training and counseling, exchange of action and treatment protocols have been taken into account, which is also a sign of collaboration.

She also added that cooperation is established on the basis of the United Nations principles of complementarity among developing countries and compensation for the services provided, sharing expenses and guaranteeing the full salary of Cuban personnel here in the country.

All the countries to which Cuba provides this aid to fight against Covid-19 disease have assumed the transportation, accommodation and food of the medical brigades in order to contribute to the sustainability of our healthcare services.


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