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Ofer Eitan Says: 20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Bu…

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Ofer Eitan Says: 20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Bu…

Using SaaS (Software as a Service) tools
for your business will advance you in the game of marketing. In fact, companies
nowadays have integrated at least 60% of SaaS solutions into their operations
according to a Computer Economics report, with
the aims of both increasing and speeding up their sales.

There’s no doubt that the use of SaaS will only continue to increase in the
coming future. It offers companies and businesses the flexibility and
convenience it needs.

Each SaaS tool is designed to have unique functionality, yet any one of these
will give your company a competitive edge in the market with its effectiveness
and efficiency. Indeed, any tool will slingshot your business niche – whatever
it may be – to the forefront of the game.

That is why choosing the right SaaS tool is a must, leading your business to a
success breakthrough!

Here is a list of the 20 must-have SaaS tools:


20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Business 1

If you haven’t used QR codes in your
business yet, you are at a big loss of opportunity. 

Not using QR codes make your business outdated,
ancient and way behind in the far-flung corners of the world!

Nowadays, using a QR code is essential to your business success! In fact, a lot
of companies are using this technology now.

A QR (Quick Response) code is a 2D version of a barcode that can store various
types of information such as URL, VCard, File, etc. Moreover, it is
conveniently accessible using only your smartphone’s camera or a QR code reader

Creating a QR code is simple and fast, and once you use it on your products or business, it instantly boosts customer engagement and experience.

QRTiger comes with a lot of features and
most notably recently the Social Media QR Code. Its Multi-URL QR Code feature
has won product of the day at ProductHunt making QRTiger the best QR Code generator to track data as of
2019. QR codes made on their SaaS platform gets 30% more scans than any other
classic black and white QR codes.

Other notable ways you can use QRTiger are:

• Increase your social media followers using a Social Media QR Code

• Promote and advertise products

• Measure customer satisfaction with a QR code linked to a survey

• Have customers connect directly to the WIFI network by scanning a QR Code

And so much more! The possibilities are endless with QRTiger!


20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Business 2

Images play a
big role when it comes to social media marketing. Canva is not only free but
also easy to use. It allows you to create and customize your own designs for
wedding invitations, projects, and business materials in just a short amount of
time. You don’t need to be a pro and tech-savvy individual when it comes to
creativity and graphic designing.

Canva is a
user-friendly photo editing software that is definitely designed for all! In
fact, you can alter the look of your photo or image using its settings that
includes filters, tints, and brightness and offers hundreds of templates and
fonts in which you can choose from.


20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Business 3

is a free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that specializes in generating
hundreds and thousands of keyword suggestions and long-tail phrases. It
collects data from Google’s Keyword Planner, which gives and provides you
keyword ideas similar to your searches on Google. 

It is a great
strategy that allows you to get an insight into the plan or techniques that are
working for your competitors in the market, so you can use, adopt, and
integrate them as plan of your marketing strategy. Using Ubersuggest will allow
you to have an edge over your business competitor and will provide you an idea
of keywords that  people are typing and
searching into the Google. 


20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Business 4

Hubspot is the one of the most used service software when it comes to sales and marketing. It is particularly created and designed to help teams, business organization, and the likes to efficiently deliver their inbound marketing and sales strategies. It is a software that is advantageous to use as it allows an all-in-one marketing tools under one roof such as for: 

  • Customer support
  • Content management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Web analytics
  • Social media marketing

With the
integration of these tools, it allows the organization to run smoothly, grow
better and productively.

Google Analytics

20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Business 5

Analytics is one of the free webs and most used digital analytics software of
today. By setting up your Google Analytics Account, it can give you an in-depth
detail and automatic collection of data about the traffic of your website and
the number of people who visited your page. Moreover, it reveals important data
such as from what county, gender, age or interest your audience is coming from.

Furthermore, it provides data about the percentage of your website’s bouncing rate, which means, the web’s traffic analysis about the people who enter and leave your site after one page visit rather than continuously visiting other pages under the same website. This will give you a valuable insight of what works and what doesn’t work for your business that will prompt you to create a recipe for your business success based on the data you gathered.


20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Business 6

Toggl is a time tracking service software that is very essential for every team, business companies, and freelancers or even just to a single individual who wants utilize and manage their time productively.

Toggl tracks
and determines the amount of time you spend on a certain task, duty, reports or
projects and how much time you consume finishing on your particular work and
how long does it last.


20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Business 7

Everybody is on social media now and if you’re looking for powerful Social Media Management software, to grow your social media engagements, then Zoho is the right platform for you. It is useful software that helps business companies to boost and increase their social media presence and reach out to millions of people across the globe. It is the easiest way to run, manage and advertise your business brands on social media networks and works great on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

works efficiently…

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