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The #1 Best Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools Right …

The #1 Best Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools Right …

Conversion Rate Optimization (or CRO as it is also known) is the art of getting more conversions and leads without actually increasing your traffic. And today we’re going to look at the #1 best CRO tools you should be using to increase your conversions in 2019

Best Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools

HotJar allows you to see how visitors’ are interacting with pages on your website or online store. It is simple to use, features user recordings as well as heat maps, so you can spot the holes quickly in your site’s pages layouts. Essential software for any CRO work…

Being able to see what people are doing on your site is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to CRO. You have to be able to watch their behaviour in order to better understand how they’re interacting with your content.

A poorly placed CTA or BUY NOW button cam cost you thousands of dollars in sales. And that sucks. Especially if all it takes is a slight adjustment to its placement. With HotJar, you can do ALL of these and a whole load more thanks to its HeatMaps and Visitor Recording software.

Once installed, set-up is simple. All you have to do is sit back and sift through the recordings and heat maps to see where users are dropping off. Small changes to the placements of CTAs and BUY NOW buttons can make massive differences over time.

It’s not uncommon for HotJar users to increase their conversion rates by as much as 5-10% following careful study of the results gleaned from multiple recording sessions and heat maps.

Bottomline? If you’re serious about CRO, you need to be running HotJar on your site.

Best Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools

OptinMonster is the #1 leading email collection tool. It is brilliant for creating email pop-ups, sliders, and mats for your site. Simple to use and packing TONS of display rules, OptinMonster has helped many sites increase their conversion rates by as much as 600%!

OptinMonster is my #1 favorite tool for collecting emails. Why? Simple: it works. And it works great. You have a solid template designer, plenty of pre-built templates you can work with, it integrates with all the major email platforms, and it works on desktop and mobile.

I’ve tried others over the years, but none seem to deliver the same results as OptinMonster. And it’s not just pop-ups; OptinMonster also does sliders, hello bar-style banners, in-text ads, and even links (which are called MonsterLinks).

Recently updated, OptinMonster can now also store all of your leads too, so you don’t even need an email marketing suite to get started on your email capture. If you want to capture more emails, in rapid succession, OptinMonster should be high on your list. As a CRO tool it is 100% invaluable.

Best Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools

No web page is perfect. But with Google Optimize you can get as close as humanly possible by running A/B tests on layouts, button placements, and CTAs. And best of all it’s completely FREE

Google Optimize used to live behind an invite-only wall. But now it is available to all – and it costs nothing! If this software was made by anyone else, you’d be paying hundreds of dollars a month for access to it! It is monumentally powerful in the right hands.

Google Optimize is essentially an A/B testing tool for page layouts on your website or e-commerce store. With it installed, you can run experiments on different designs and different color CTA buttons, for instance, and then, once the results are in, implement the winner.

You need Google Analytics to run it. But I’m guessing if you’re reading a post about CRO, you’ll already have it installed. In order to get Google Optimize to run on your site, all you have to do is install a small piece of code. Once you’ve done that you can start experimenting…

Kinsta Review

Kinsta web hosting for WordPress is INSANELY fast. If you want your site or online store loading in under a second, you need Kinsta – nothing else comes close. Check out Kinsta’s latest prices here…

You can do all the CRO in the world, but if your site speed sucks it all counts for nothing. Your website needs to load in under two seconds. Minimum. Anything more than that and you’re going to be losing traffic, leads, conversions, and vital revenue.

Kinsta web hosting runs on The Google Cloud and it is one of the fastest, most advanced WordPress web hosts on the planet. In our Kinsta Review, we detail all of its USPs – of which there are many – as well as the affect Kinsta had on one of my sites (spoiler: traffic increased 600%).

kinsta review

The Kinsta Effect… Rapid loading times, which, in turn lead to lower bounce rates, more page views on your site, and better CRO overall.

If you’re on WordPress and you’re not using Kinsta for hosting, you are missing out BIG TIME. I wouldn’t change my hosting to anybody else right now – not even the equally impressive WP Engine. Why’s that? Simple: Kinsta just works. It’s fast. And it has a 100% uptime rate.

Kinsta’s prices are very good too, especially if you’re dealing with lower amounts of traffic. I cannot recommend Kinsta WordPress hosting enough. Post Google Medic update, it brought one of my sites back from the brink…

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Best Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools

In its simplest form CRO is about getting more from your site’s visitors – more conversions (and that could be leads, sales, and/or clicks on CTAs). Basically, hitting more of your goals without necessarily increasing the volume of traffic coming through your site.

CRO is NOT SEO – it’s not even in the same ball park. SEO is about gaining results in search engines, CRO is focussed on gaining results within your website and/or online store. You do need SEO to get people to your site, of course, but SEO and CRO are two very different beasts, so don’t lump them in together.

“For example,” notes HubSpot, “if your landing page gets 2,000 monthly visitors and generates 60 leads per month, then your landing page has a 3% conversion rate. (Why? Because your conversion rate is leads generated divided by the number of interactions. So, 60 leads/ 2,000…

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